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Welcome TeamCity TestDrive – a simple way to try TeamCity in the cloud

For a couple of weeks now, there has been a new button on the TeamCity website:

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Clicking it allows you to access TeamCity in the cloud, hosted by JetBrains. We call it TeamCity TestDrive.
What is TestDrive?

TestDrive is a limited cloud TeamCity offering. It is a way to try TeamCity for 60 days, without the need to download and install it. TestDrive is currently hosted on top of teamcity.jetbrains.com server, and lets users create one TeamCity project. It is free but it has some limitations with regards to the software that’s on the build agents.

Why you should care

Have you ever had a project in GitHub, which you’ve always wished could be used with TeamCity, but weren’t sure whether it would be worth it? Or have you wanted to demo TeamCity to your colleagues or your boss, but never had the time or the resources to install it on a server? Or have you simply searched for an easier and faster way to try it? We believe TestDrive will help you with all the above, here is why:

Use TeamCity in the cloud, without installation
TestDrive is a great way to try TeamCity without the hassle of downloading and installing it on a server. It is hosted by JetBrains and runs just like any regular TeamCity would.

Set up and run your project in TeamCity for 60 days
You can set up a single project in TeamCity by simply providing a link to your version control system. After that, you have 60 days to work on it.

Export your project data
After the 60-day period elapses, or any time earlier, you can create a project export, which you can then import into a regular on-premises TeamCity, should you wish to continue working on it.

Invite collaborators
Send invitations to other people to join your TeamCity project.

It’s free
That’s it. We charge nothing for using TeamCity TestDrive.

Try TeamCity TestDrive

Some of the most frequently asked questions:

If I like it, can I continue using TeamCity in the cloud?
There is no hosted TeamCity offering provided publicly yet. The main purpose of TestDrive is to provide you with an opportunity to try TeamCity for 60 days. After that, we encourage you to download TeamCity. The default Professional edition is free.

Will I have dedicated Build Agents for my project?
The Build Agents which run all the TestDrive builds are shared among several projects, so the Build Agent time will be distributed proportionally between them. Depending on the load, there is a chance that build times might increase during peak hours.

Which software is available to me? Can I install my own?
The software on Build Agents is provided by JetBrains. Linux-based agents are currently available. Review the full list of installed software.

Do I have to wait until the end of the 60-day period to export my project data?
You can export your data at any time and use it for a regular on-premises TeamCity. After the 60-day period expires, your data (project and build configuration settings) will be stored on our servers and available for export for another 30 days, and then deleted.

What will be exported?
Exporting from TestDrive works exactly like a regular TeamCity project export. Currently, only project and build configuration settings are exported. Your builds, artifacts, test history, changes, users and groups are not exported.

Got feedback, questions, requests, or just want to reach the team behind TestDrive? Contact us via the feedback form.

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