Jaipur 2018.1 EAP2 is here

Julia Alexandrova

We are proud to announce another TeamCity early access preview build, code-named Jaipur 2018.1 EAP2.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of this EAP version is the read-only server, which makes High Availability setup possible with TeamCity. The read-only server allows users’ read operations: viewing the build information, downloading artifacts, etc. during the downtime of the main server. When the read-only server works side by side with the main TeamCity server, the read-only one constantly updates information about the builds, projects, users, and all other entities. Thus at any point of time it shows up-to-date information.

Other new features and improvements include:

  • the ability to upload a trusted HTTPS certificate
  • NuGet Feed at the project level, allowing different feeds for different projects and even more granularity with the ability to index packages published by builds of selected configuration only
  • the bundled Amazon S3 plugin which allows storing artifacts produced by agents in an S3 bucket and work with them as if they were stored internally
  • reworked TeamCity integration with Docker
  • the renewed user interface
  • other improvements, counting over 150 fixed issues in total.

See our release notes for details.

Download Jaipur 2018.1 EAP2 build, and remember to install it on a trial server: the new version changes the TeamCity data format and the downgrade is not possible.

As usual, this EAP release comes with a 60-day Enterprise evaluation license for an unlimited number of agents and build configurations: we’ll appreciate if you try this build and share your feedback in our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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3 Responses to Jaipur 2018.1 EAP2 is here

  1. David Zemon says:

    May 25, 2018

    Renewed interface and no screenshots? 🙁

    • Julia Alexandrova says:

      May 28, 2018

      Hi David, we did not want to publish many screenshots, as we hope people will try this build and tell us their first user experience, which will be very valuable to us.

  2. Mark Freedman says:

    June 5, 2018

    So with the full version of 2018.1, will I be able to apply a single certificate (from an internal, private Root CA), and host TeamCity via https and also have it propogate to the build agents for using https for talking to the TC server?


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