Bugfix Releases

TeamCity 2018.1.1 is here

A month has passed since we published TeamCity 2018.1. During this month we tirelessly processed feedback from you fixing the regressions that we accidentally introduced in 2018.1. We’re very grateful to our users who installed version 2018.1 and reported bugs back to us. Your patience and willingness to improve the product are very much appreciated!

2018.1 indeed broke a few things. For instance, a major problem was found in the NuGet feed implementation, some users experienced problems with the “History” builds appearance after the upgrade, the agent side checkout with Git did not work in some cases, etc.

All these problems and many others have been fixed in the current version, 2018.1.1. This build also brings fixes in Kotlin DSL, memory usage optimizations and a few performance fixes. See the list of all fixed issues in our Release notes.

As usual with bugfix releases, TeamCity 2018.1.1 has the same data format as 2018.1 does, making it easier to upgrade/downgrade between these versions.

If you’re using a recent version of TeamCity, consider using our automatic upgrade. In other cases, you can download the new version from the website or pull the new version of the TeamCity docker image.

Your feedback is welcome in our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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