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New in TeamCity 2018.1: Project Level NuGet feed

TeamCity integrates with NuGet package manager and can also serve a NuGet feed. Using TeamCity as a NuGet feed comes handy if you want to publish your NuGet packages to a limited audience – just to your team, for instance.

Before TeamCity version 2018.1, NuGet feed was global for the whole server. And it was only possible for the system administrator to enable the feed.

Having a global feed could lead to a substantial size, delays with packages appearance, etc. TeamCity 2018.1 addresses those issues by allowing to enable a NuGet feed at the project level, which means each project can have a dedicated feed. As a consequence, the project administrator has the authority to enable the feed, which reduces the administrative overhead.


By default, TeamCity no longer adds all .nupkg artifacts to the project feed. To index packages published by selected build configurations only, add the NuGet packages indexer build feature to these build configurations.


Alternatively, to index all .nupkg files published as build artifacts in the project, enable Automatic NuGet Packages Indexing on the NuGet Feed page of the project settings.

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