TeamCity 2018.2.2 is released

TeamCity 2018.2.2 is out today. This bugfix update addresses about 80 issues and brings a number of back-end and front-end performance improvements.

We strongly recommend upgrading as this TeamCity version resolves a few security problems as well. The full list of fixes is available in our release notes.

Like any TeamCity update, 2018.2.2 has the same data format as all 2018.2.x versions, allowing you to upgrade/downgrade within these builds easily.

Remember to check our Upgrade Notes and use one of the upgrade options:

Your feedback is always welcome in our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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3 Responses to TeamCity 2018.2.2 is released

  1. sonla says:


    I haven’t found yet the server-api for plugin development for this version. When does 2018.2.2 will be published?

    • Pavel Sher says:


      There is 2018.2 version already. We rarely change open API in bugfix versions, so unless you have some specific requirements 2018.2 should be enough.

      • sonla says:

        It complained about version mismatch in development environment but seems to be fine after upgrading server. Thank you

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