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Welcome TeamCity 2019.1 EAP1

We’re excited to announce the Early Access Preview (EAP) for TeamCity 2019.1. Following the tradition, this release is code-named after a gorgeous busy Indian city called Kanpur hinting at elegance and efficacy being the highlights of the upcoming version.

Kanpur 2019.1 EAP1 comes with the revamped user interface and we’re hoping that your experience with TeamCity will now be not only more productive but also aesthetically pleasing.

Our UI comes with a new sidebar, the reworked branches tab, expandable build rows, and the redesigned project overview page. It is still considered experimental, and some pages are not yet available, but you can easily switch between the new and classic UI using the icon in the right-hand upper corner of the screen.


Another important feature of this version is the ability to cancel a build from a script using a service message. If needed, you can re-add the build to the queue after canceling it:

##teamcity[buildStop comment=‘canceling comment’ readdToQueue=‘true’]

The detailed feature description and the list of fixes are available in our Release Notes.

As usual, the new release changes the TeamCity data format and, since version 2019.1 is still in development, we recommend installing it on a trial server.

You are welcome to try the new EAP build and share your feedback on our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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