Bugfix Releases

TeamCity 2019.1.1 is here

TeamCity 2019.1.1 is available!

This release fixes over 100 issues including several performance problems. Notably, these fixes have affected:

  • New experimental UI
  • Multinode configuration
  • Kotlin DSL

We have also addressed the recent changes in the Bitbucket REST API and improved TeamCity Bitbucket cloud connections accordingly.

You can find the full list of fixed issues in our Release Notes.

We recommend upgrading to version 2019.1.1 to benefit from all the latest improvements.
This new version uses the same data format as 2019.1 release which makes it easy to upgrade/downgrade within these builds.

You can select any of these upgrade options:

Remember to check our Upgrade Notes to make sure your upgrade to TeamCity 2019.1.1 goes smoothly.

You can leave feedback in our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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