New topics in Plugin SDK documentation

The TeamCity Plugin Contest is ongoing and there is still enough time to write some cool plugins!

If you’re already participating, we’ve just added a couple of new articles in our Plugin SDK documentation to make your life a little easier:

  • The first one describes different approaches to how the plugin state and plugin settings can be stored in TeamCity. This is a very common task but unfortunately was not described at all up until this point.
  • The second one describes how build features can be implemented. Sometimes you just want to affect how a build behaves, and this behavior change can’t be represented as a step, because steps follow a strict order. Build features can come handy in this case. Examples of build features in TeamCity are XML report processing, Build files cleaner, and File content replacer.

We plan to continue adding new topics to our Plugin SDK documentation. We also welcome your ideas on what could be described better or what you think is missing in our documentation.

By the way, the TeamCity Plugin SDK documentation is now located on GitHub: If you notice a mistake or anything incorrect there, feel free to create a pull request or submit a bug report.

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