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TeamCity Plugin Contest 2019: And the Winners Are…

The Contest is over and we want to say a huge Thank You to all the participants for making it a resounding success!

For the past couple of weeks, our judges and members of the TeamCity team have been hard at work trying out, testing, and rating plugins submitted to the Contest. Every submission was judged against four main criteria: usefulness, creativity, completeness, and code quality.

The finalists were really close, which made our judges’ task that much more challenging. After a lot of deliberation and discussion, the list of winners was determined at last:

First prize

Plugin: Deployment Dashboard
Author: Kieron Wilkinson
Award: $3,000 Amazon gift certificate

Judges’ comments: This entry implemented a creative idea with a delightful UI. There is definitely a demand for deployment reporting options in TeamCity.

Second prize

Plugin: SSH Tunnel
Author: Björn Kautler
Award: $2,000 Amazon gift certificate

Judges’ Comments: This entry offers an effective solution to an existing problem and provides complete functionality.

Third prize

Plugin: Portable artifact link generator
Author: Jon Philpot
Award: $1,000 Amazon gift certificate

Judges’ Comments: This is an elegant solution to a real-life use case. (Kudos for the GIF in the documentation!)

TeamCity Team Special Prize

Plugin: Personal Build Toggle
Author: Jon Philpot
Award: Trip to a JetBrains office

Our team’s comments: This plugin perfectly balances implementation and value, and exhibits a straightforward approach to configuration.

The People’s Choice Award

This award was based on the community voting on the Plugin Contest website. As there was a tie between two plugins, we decided to give the award to both.

Plugin: Deployment Dashboard
Author: Kieron Wilkinson

Plugin: Usage Search
Author: Rod MacKenzie

Award: 1-year subscription to the All Products Pack and 1 TeamCity Build Agent license

Congratulations to the winners! We will be contacting you shortly after this announcement to deliver your prizes.

We are grateful to everyone who participated for all the efforts you have put into developing and finalizing your plugins! Thanks to you, the following 15 plugins are now publicly available in our Plugin Repository:

Congratulations, and happy building!

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