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Videos Now Online – TeamCity Technology Day 2020

The TeamCity Technology Day was a blast! Our team is really happy with how it turned out, and so were hundreds of live viewers. We hope you managed to join the event live. In case you didn’t, we’ve published a recording of all the talks.

TeamCity Product Roadmap

Yegor goes over what the TeamCity team is currently working on and what you can expect to see released in upcoming versions of the product. Some of these features are already planned, and some are still in the exploration phase.

Coming Soon in TeamCity 2020.2

With the TeamCity 2020.2 release right around the corner, Alexander shares an early preview of what it’s going to look like and which new features will be publicly announced just a couple of weeks after this Tech Day.

Deploying TeamCity Cloud as a Service on AWS: Lessons Learned

On behalf of our TeamCity Cloud team, Nikita shares their experience of building infrastructure and deploying TeamCity as a service on AWS. This talk is relevant to those who deal with setting up TeamCity on cloud infrastructure within their organizations and would like to learn how we at TeamCity did it.
In particular, this talk will feature:

  • An overview of how the infrastructure is designed: storage, hosting, parameters, management automation.
  • An overview of the most valuable improvements, optimizations, and incident handling options we’ve identified so far: networking and routing optimizations, what we’ve learned during outages, etc.
  • A short presentation of what’s coming next: ECS vs EKS for TeamCity Cloud.

Getting Started With Kotlin DSL in TeamCity: From Zero to Hero

With more and more customers adopting the “configuration as code” concept for setting up TeamCity, Marco will take you for a deep dive into the Kotlin DSL scripts for TeamCity configurations. From getting started to some more advanced use cases and the benefits of using Kotlin for your configuration scripts, this talk equips you with important tools for switching to Kotlin DSL within your organization.

Creating Plugins Using the New TeamCity Plugin UI Framework

The new TeamCity plugin development framework will be a big part of 2020.2. It allows you to get more out of your custom integrations with TeamCity, including APIs to integrate with the new Sakura UI. In this talk, Denis shows a demo of the new functionality.

How We Use TeamCity to Build TeamCity at JetBrains

Dogfooding is an essential part of how we build products at JetBrains, and TeamCity is no exception. Our internal TeamCity installation works 24/7 and builds every product JetBrains makes, including itself. In this talk, Yegor shares how we push TeamCity to the limit internally, and how we provide continuous service to teams within the company while also deploying a new version of the buildserver nightly.

Alternatively, watch the recording of the full event stream:

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