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CI From The Trenches – Video Interviews

For a while now, we have been getting in touch with TeamCity users to find out about the projects they are working on.

From no-code platforms to online games, oil platform management systems to build systems, frameworks to rockets – TeamCity is used in a variety of projects.

Now we are posting the interviews so you can get a glimpse into all of these projects.

You can discover what they are all about, what languages and frameworks they use, what their build process looks like, what they struggle with, and much more!

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our interviews!

Enjoy CI From The Trenches. ❤️

How Innoveo Skye Business Canvas is built

How MIT’s Rockets are built

How Antea Platform is built

How Gradle is built

How Eve Online is built

How World Of Tanks is built

How IntelliJ Idea is built

How Ktor is built

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