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New in TeamCity 2020.2: Python Build Runner

TeamCity 2020.2 comes with first-class native Python Support, and you no longer need to use a third-party plugin to build your Python projects.

It supports all popular Python build workflows:

  • Run files, modules, or custom scripts.
  • Execute pytests or unittests.
  • Run linters, like flake8 or pylint.
  • Use virtual environments, like virtualenv or pipenv.
  • Run your Python builds inside a Docker container.
  • Use Kotlin DSL to configure your Python build steps.

In addition, the Python runner integrates tightly with TeamCity just like all other TeamCity runners.
You can track changes, analyze failures, assign investigations, and use any of the TeamCity features that you know and love.

Watch this screencast to see the new Python runner in action.

You can find more information about the Python runner in the TeamCity documentation.

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