TeamCity 2020.2.4 is here

TeamCity version 2020.2.4 is released.

This bugfix update resolves over 30 various issues and optimizes the TeamCity performance. We strongly recommend upgrading as it also brings multiple security improvements. The full list of fixes is available in our release notes.

This might be the last bugfix update for TeamCity 2020.2. Meanwhile, we are actively working on our next major release. You can already take a look at some of its features provided in the scope of our Early Access Program. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

As any minor update, 2020.2.4 shares the same data format with all the 2020.2.x releases, so you can easily upgrade/downgrade TeamCity within these versions without performing a backup/restore procedure.

Remember to check our upgrade notes and use one of the following options to upgrade:

Your feedback is welcome in our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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