TeamCity 2022.04.4 is here

A fresh bugfix update for TeamCity 2022.04 is available for download. These are the most notable changes in TeamCity 2022.04.4: 

  • Referencing parameters as variables is now supported for Approval rules in the Build Approval feature. See the TW-75759 issue.
  • Non-optimal reporting of build statuses in the Commit Status Publisher feature has been fixed. See the TW-77184 issue.

The full list of fixes is available in our release notes.

We strongly recommend upgrading, as this release also brings security and performance fixes.

As any minor update, 2022.04.4 shares the same data format with all the 2022.04.x releases, so you can easily upgrade/downgrade TeamCity within these versions without performing a backup/restore procedure.

Check out our upgrade notes and use one of the following options to upgrade:

Your feedback is welcome in our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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