TeamCity Pipelines Pulse, Issue #1: YAML-y Good News

TeamCity Pipelines, our new product that offers a brand-new approach to the CI/CD process, is currently in Beta. We’d like to share product news with our users on a more regular basis. That’s why we’re starting a new initiative—the TeamCity Pipelines Pulse newsletter, and you’re now reading the very first issue.

Here’s what’s been keeping us busy since the release in March!

YAML autocompletion

YAML autocompletion for values – need we say more?

Ability to disable job reuse

TeamCity Pipelines is smart. It tries to reuse jobs and their results as much as possible. Sometimes, however, you don’t want that, so we’ve added the option to turn job reuse off.

Easter egg hunt

Waiting for your build to finish executing doesn’t have to be boring. 2048 is an egg-celent time killer, and we’ve brought it into TeamCity Pipelines.

Can you find it and beat your highest score on your instance? 🐰

Teaser: Dependency visual editor

In our ideal world, defining dependencies between jobs should be a visual process. Think Miro or Figma. 

Currently you can only define dependencies by checking or unchecking boxes, but we’re working on new drag-and-drop style pipeline editing options. Stay tuned!

Crafting TeamCity Pipelines: The Art of Pitch DesignWe spent over a year fine-tuning our processes so we can adopt a better design approach that puts our customers first. Here’s how we go about designing new features for TeamCity Pipelines.

Bug fixes and improvements

We fixed a bunch of bugs for this release. Here are our favorites, in no particular order.

  • UI glitch: The side toolbar used to remain open after the creation of a pipeline, overlapping with the job creation interface. Not anymore!
  • You can now add any public repository to your pipeline. When you copy-paste an SSH link, TeamCity Pipelines will automatically convert it into HTTPS – sleek and easy.
  • A couple hiccups were affecting the agent terminal when switching pages. Those are gone for good.
  • YAML, YAML, YAML: We’ve implemented instant validation improvements and a couple fixes for some minor, but nasty, YAML syntax issues.

That’s it for today!

If you’re not part of the TeamCity Pipelines tribe yet, you can sign up here. The product is completely free while in public Beta.

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments to this blog. We’ll read and reply to every single one.

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