Introducing Per-Minute macOS Sonoma M2 Agents in TeamCity Cloud

We recently introduced per-minute macOS agents in TeamCity Cloud. 

Now, we’re switching the macOS agents to macOS Sonoma M2, offering you more power efficiency and greater performance when running your builds on TeamCity.

We’re offering a 50% discount on the new per-minute macOS build agents in TeamCity Cloud until February 1, 2025. Enjoy the power and flexibility of the new agents at half the price!

How are macOS Sonoma M2 agents helpful?

The new Apple Silicon macOS agents bring a number of benefits to the table. 

Architecture: They use ARM architecture, which is more power efficient and integrates various components like the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine on a single chip.

Performance: M2 macOS agents generally offer better performance thanks to faster CPUs, GPUs, and Neural Engines. This leads to quicker build times and the more efficient processing of complex tasks.

The architecture of M2 agents allows them to handle parallel tasks better, making it ideal for CI/CD pipelines where multiple jobs run simultaneously.

Cost-effectiveness: TeamCity Cloud’s per-minute macOS build agents eliminate the need for significant upfront investment, making it easier for smaller teams or startups to scale their build capacity without committing to fixed costs.

On-demand availability: You can activate macOS build agents as needed, reducing idle time, optimizing resource use, and ensuring you have the necessary build resources exactly when you require them.

Reduced maintenance costs: Pre-installed tools like fastlane, Homebrew, and CocoaPods allow iOS teams to start working immediately. TeamCity Cloud supports various technologies, including Xcode, React Native, and Flutter, reducing setup and maintenance efforts.

Enhanced security: Implemented as virtual machines (VMs), these build agents provide full isolation and a secure, dedicated environment for each build. Single-use machines ensure pristine VMs for each build, minimizing cross-contamination risks and ensuring consistent, reproducible builds.


The technical specifications of macOS build agents in TeamCity Cloud are as follows:

  • macOS Sonoma M2 4 CPU/10GB RAM

macOS build agents cost 150 credits per minute. They are also available in the 14-day trial version of TeamCity Cloud, with a total of 80 build minutes per trial.

For a limited time, we’re offering a 50% discount on macOS agents, bringing the price to 75 credits per minute. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

💡NB: the prices on the website are displayed without the discount.

Give the new macOS agents a try

Whether you’re an iOS developer seeking a CI/CD solution or an existing TeamCity Cloud user, we highly recommend trying macOS build agents. 

TeamCity Cloud macOS build agents provide a hassle-free solution for your macOS build processes, with on-demand availability and the ability to scale resources precisely when needed.

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