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Introducing Toolbox App 2.2

Toolbox App 2.2 introduces a variety of new settings, including an option to disable Start menu shortcut creation on Windows and the ability to disable updates via patches. Projects from Fleet and the newer Visual Studio versions are now available in the Projects tab. 

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New settings

Option to control the creation of Start menu shortcuts on Windows

We’ve added new settings for the Start menu shortcuts that appear after installation or updates on Windows: Previously, shortcuts were automatically created in all cases, but now you can disable this behavior. We’ve also added flexibility to this setting, splitting it into two options. You can now disable Start menu shortcuts separately for the Toolbox App and for all other tools. Both these toggles are enabled out of the box, so in terms of the default behavior, there’s no change from previous versions. Go to Settings and disable the Add Toolbox App to Start Menu toggle to manage the Toolbox App shortcut, or go to Settings, scroll to the Tools section, and disable the Create Start Menu shortcuts toggle for other JetBrains tools. [TBX-3149]

Ability to disable patch updates

We’ve introduced a new Allow updating tools via patches toggle under Settings | Advanced. While downloading patches is usually faster, some users have experienced problems with the installation stage taking a long time, making the experience of updating the tool via patches suboptimal. For such cases, we’ve introduced a special option to allow updates only by downloading a full build of a new tool version. If you’re experiencing delays with updating via patches and you have a good enough internet connection to support the download of full distributions when updating, you can change the configuration in Settings | Advanced | Allow updating tools via patches. By default, the toggle is enabled, so the default behavior won’t change. [TBX-9798]

Projects tab improvements

Starting with version 2.2, we’ve added support for projects opened in JetBrains Fleet. With the Projects tab, you can now choose one of your recent projects and open it right in the IDE. [TBX-8546]

The Toolbox App can also now detect projects from Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio 2019, and Visual Studio 2022. [TBX-1550]

Lastly, in Toolbox App 2.2, projects in the Projects tab have a new icon style that makes it easier to distinguish between them. 

Support for installing Android Studio nightly builds on different macOS setups

We’ve switched from using a system .zip extractor to our internal .zip extractor implementation in order to resolve cases where some macOS users couldn’t install Android Studio nightly builds in .zip form. Non-nightly Android Studio versions are also available as .dmg files. For them, we’ve already made a change that is automatically available, even in earlier Toolbox App versions. [TBX-10840]

For more information on the changes in this version, head over to the full release notes.


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