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Toolbox App 2.4 Gets a Refreshed UI Theme, Right-Click Context Menu, and Other Updates

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Toolbox App 2.4 comes with a reworked UI theme, a new way to open the context menu for tools, and other updates.

If you’re using Gitee, check out the JetBrains Toolbox browser extension update as well.

New UI theme

Toolbox App 2.4 got a facelift! The navigation remains the same, but we’ve reworked the interface to look more modern and sleek. There’s also a new toggle called Use background effects in Settings that allows you to enable or disable the gradient. We hope you enjoy it!

Right-click context menu

The context menu for tools is now easier to reach – just right-click on the name of a tool in the list to access tool update settings, an overview of the new features in the installed version, links to log files, and more. Right-clicking also works on the Projects and Services tabs. The three dots option is still there as well, in case you’re more comfortable with that.

Improved error handling

We hope you never run into issues when using the Toolbox App, but if you do, we’re working on making error handling more user-friendly. In version 2.4, we’ve introduced an error screen containing a restart button, a link to log files, and a link to YouTrack where you can create an issue for our team to look into. When you create the issue, it’ll be pre-filled with the Toolbox App version, your OS, and the error stack trace. We always encourage you to describe your problem and attach log files, too.

Option to quit on by right-clicking on macOS

We’ve implemented a small yet useful update for our macOS users. You can now quit the Toolbox App by right-clicking the Toolbox App icon in the menu bar and choosing the Quit action.

Gitee support in Chrome extension

On top of Toolbox App 2.4, we’ve also updated the JetBrains Toolbox browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. The extension allows you to clone and open projects in your JetBrains IDEs right from the GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket project pages.

We’ve added support for Gitee, a China-based hosting service. To clone a project and open it in your JetBrains IDE, make sure you have the browser extension installed. Then, go to the Gitee project page, and click on the Toolbox extension icon in the browser. The extension will give you a choice of JetBrains IDEs based on the languages specified in the project itself.

Enterprise-focused updates

Toolbox App 2.4 has a few improvements for enterprise users.

We’ve introduced silent and headless installations of the Toolbox App, making it easier to manage the Toolbox App on user machines in bulk. You can now install and uninstall the Toolbox App on Windows using CLI commands. This option is not limited to IDE Services users – it’s available to anyone.

The onboarding wizard for IDE Services received a few updates to enhance the user experience along with a few bug fixes for the Toolbox App.

For more information on the changes in this version, head over to the full release notes.


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