Early Access Program

Upsource 1.0 EAP: New Build Available

Since the original announcement of Upsource Early Access Program, we’ve made quite a lot of progress, and we’re on schedule to deliver the inaugural Upsource release before end of this year. We’ll provide a recap of things introduced during the EAP shortly.

Meanwhile, today we’re revealing the latest Upsource EAP build that brings a set of usability improvements and bug fixes. Here are some notable changes in this new EAP build:

  • Server administrators can now trigger data backup from the administration interface, as well as configure regular automated backups.
  • Read-only mode can now be toggled from the administration interface. This disables review creation and commenting; discovery and indexing of new revisions is not disabled.
  • Review presentation in revision log was redesigned: a compact informer now shows all the essential information about a review, such as review ID, status, branch tracking flag, and completion rate.
    Review presentation in revision list
  • Improved loading and scrolling performance in large reviews and revisions.
  • The list of files on the review / revision page is now grouped by directory.
    Files under review, grouped by directory
  • Improved comment layout in file view: multiple comments to the same line are shown correctly without overlapping.

Here’s the full list of issues resolved in this build.

You can download the latest Upsource EAP build directly from the web site: the link is now available without filling out the details about your team.

If you’re using a prior EAP build, please follow the standard upgrade procedure.

If more than 10 users are active in your Upsource installation, please go to Administration > Settings > License > Edit License and enter the following license name/key combination:

Name: Upsource 1.0 EAP License
Key: 48fb9188f6f471973a0937066972f498946cdee1a5ec9c61ff8f36f7626439551953542605227290ec0e64e2e91163353a6df49124234f9a94cad8ea9ecad3b46b989693516c6190a770de63c3723186359770e0e2ec52d07a853d6efb80a6176b402129d5b86bbd6d13a6ddbdc3f22841d716d1d04b11f3746f196feee871f7

This temporary license will enable you to unlimited users and will be active until February 1, 2015.

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