Early Access Program

Upsource 2.5 EAP: Redesigned Review Page, File History Chart, Read/Unread Files

Hi everybody!

We hope you had a chance to play around with the first Early Access build for the upcoming Upsource 2.5. Now, hold on to your hats, we’ve got one more build for you today with even more goodness in it!

Redesigned Review Page

Some of you have pointed out that it was hard to use Upsource for reviewing large commits. While we believe it is generally a good practice to keep commits small, we still understand that every once in a while large commits are bound to happen. To address the performance issues we would like to replace a long scrollable list of all the changes with a master-detail view of the changes where you go through the files one by one.

This is what a code review page looks like when you open it: first thing you see is the review timeline on the right, participants and the list of changes on the left.


You can navigate through the files and review them one by one. For those who prefer to use their mouse as little as possible we’ve added keyboard shortcuts to navigate between the files: Alt-Down / Alt-Up. To return to the timeline you can either hit Esc, or click Timeline link above the list of files .


At the moment the new review page is turned off by default (except for new users), and each user can turn it on/off at the bottom of the Settings page. We haven’t made up our minds yet whether it will be enabled by default in 2.5. Before we decide that, we would like to hear your opinion on the new look.

Read/Unread Files

Upsource now indicates read/unread state for the files in a review via regular/bold font. This feature works both in the new Review page, as well as in the old one.

File History Chart

Also check out a cool new addition to the Analytics section – File History Chart shows a glimpse of the evolution of the code base over time.


This could be particularly helpful in defining so-called hot spots – the files that are changed much more often than anything else.

If you want to try the EAP build, you can download it here.
Please remember, that Early Access builds represent work in progress, therefore we recommend installing them on a trial server. See the reasons why. Looking forward to your feedback!

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