Upsource + JIRA Integration

Did you know that you can integrate Upsource with JIRA? It’s super easy, and not only it’ll allow you to have links to JIRA issues in Upsource, you will be able to create JIRA issues straight from a code review page in Upsource.

Let’s say, I have a project called MyAwesomeProject with default settings in JIRA with the key MAP. Now, if I want to report an issue to that project from a code review, I need to open my Upsource project settings and specify very little: JIRA URL, admin credentials, and project key.


That’s it, you’re ready to report issues from a code review:


Upsource will automatically create an issue in JIRA:

You can even create issues from discussions:

Issues reported from Upsource will all have the same type. Which one? The one that you have on top of the list here (Issues → Issue Type Schemes):
You can reorder these types in JIRA settings, so that something else is on top, and then the issues reported by Upsource will have a different type.

The default types of issues are all suitable for Upsource, but if you want to have a customised issue type for Upsource issues, make sure it has following issue fields enabled: Reporter, Summary, and Description.

Depending on how much you have customised your JIRA instance, you may or may not need to fine-tune some settings to enable this integration. Feel free to check out our documentation.