New Upsource 250-user pack

Hi everyone!

We have some important news to share today. We have extended the list of available Upsource licensing options with a new 250-user pack.

Previously, the next available option after 100-user pack was 500-user pack. The gap between these two options, both in terms of the price and the number of users, was too vast. It made it harder for some companies to adopt Upsource even if they felt the tool was right for them.

To address this issue we have decided to introduce a new option – Upsource 250-user pack, that should accommodate for more use cases and give more flexibility to companies of different sizes.

The new 250-user pack is already available for purchase at Upsource’s Buy page, as well as the option to upgrade your current instance to it.

Should you have any questions about the new user pack, pricing or purchasing Upsource, please do contact us at

Yours truly,
The Upsource Team