Upsource 2017.2 Roadmap

It’s been a month since we released Upsource 2017.1 and, of course, we are moving forward. Today, we would like to share our plans for the 2017.2 release which is planned for Q3 2017.


Support for External Inspection Engines

Upsource is renowned for having a built-in IntelliJ IDEA engine that we use, among other things, to show inspections in code. It’s also behind the Code Analysis Summary that you see in reviews. However, there are a lot of tools on the market that specialize in static code analysis and we don’t want to limit ourselves just to inspections from IntelliJ. We are working to support external inspection runners, be it ESLint or SonarQube, or IntelliJ global inspections and ReSharper inspections bundled with TeamCity, with the goal of presenting their results alongside our own inspections.

Suggested Revisions in Reviews

We have employed advanced statistical analysis to suggest revisions that should be added to a review. Similar to the reviewer suggestions that were implemented several releases ago, this is another powerful tool that helps you review code more efficiently.


Upsource grows up and suggests more and more cool features to make code review and code browsing better. We want to make it easier to discover new features and to add some fun to your interactions with Upsource. We plan to introduce an achievements/badges system to accomplish these goals and open doors for other engaging and useful experiences.

“Discussions” page

We are working on a new page that lists all of the discussions that are happening in a project chronologically and lets you search and filter the discussions.

NPM Support

To improve “Go to declaration” and “Find usages” in JavaScript code, we are working to support TypeScript definitions for packages that are listed in your package.json file.

Better Python Support

While basic Python support is available in Upsource, pip isn’t. We are working to address that.


Everyone loves reactions in Slack, right? Reactions help you give feedback in a fast and compact form, saving time for everyone. We are eager to provide you with such an ability in Upsource.

We share this public roadmap to give you insight into our current direction. Unfortunately, we can’t promise to include everything listed here in the upcoming version, but we’ll definitely do our best. Also, we’re moving to shorter release cycles and aim to provide you with shiny new features as soon as they are ready. So, stay tuned for updates, and don’t forget to share your feedback by adding your comments here, using our issue tracker, or just by contacting our support team.

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