Upsource 2017.2.2398 is out!

A new bug-fix update for Upsource 2017.2 has been published — build 2398. It contains more compatibility fixes for Google Chrome 61 as well as several other improvements:

  • When running a distributed installation of Upsource with multiple analyzers, it is no longer necessary to manually distribute projects between analyzers as this is now done automatically.
  • When code intelligence is enabled, Upsource is now able to detect the build system automatically: IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, or Gradle. It is still possible to configure it manually, of course.
  • PHP Composer support was improved significantly.
  • Some Gradle projects rely on the “Create separate module per source set” option being disabled in IntelliJ IDEA. It is now possible to disable it in Upsource as well.

See the Release Notes for more details. This minor update is recommended for all users and can be downloaded by following this link.