Upsource 2017.3

Hi everyone!

With holidays just around the corner, we’re happy to bring you one more Upsource update – Upsource 2017.3. The major focus of this release is on updating the core Code Intelligence engine to bring you all the newest code inspections and navigation functionality for all the supported languages.

Updated code intelligence engine

Apart from this, we’ve added some features you may also find useful, such as:

  • User groups in custom workflows
  • Read/unread status of reviews
  • Discussions filter in all code views
  • Built-in Hub was updated to 2017.4
  • And more!

Check out our What’s new page for more information and download the new version.

PS: We haven’t changed the database version in this release so you can upgrade your instance as you would with a bug-fix update.

Happy code reviews!

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2 Responses to Upsource 2017.3

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    Lebnik says:

    December 25, 2017

    I started upsource:2017.3.2593 in docker`s container and the entire team started to try review each other, previously we used Gitlab and Bitbucket. First and foremost, thank you for a wonderful app. However, today I will try ask here about cons, maybe it’s not bugs, but features, we just haven’t realized (I’m not kidding). Let’s go:

    1. Alex and Bob have created the same file, but Alex`s file allready got into the master branch before, and Bob`s file on review yet. However, Bob created a file for 5 minutes before Alex, and very strange to see in Bob`s review the fact that file was created by Bob (once again I remind you that Alex`s file is already in the master branch). In this case, strings written by Alex, Upsource shows green as though they had been written by Bob (once again I remind you that Alex`s file is already in the master branch, and Bob`s changes is not in master branch).

    p.s.: I understood, Upsource show diff between of first commit in the current branch and last commit in the current branch (not the difference between the last commit in the current branch and current master branch)

    2. When you create a review branch, created review analyzes the static analyzer, but for some reason for each developer separately, i.e. went Bob, he code have not been analyzed yet (there is no backlight, interactivity) and in the right corner of the file spinning preloader to which if you move the cursor, you see the inscription: “Code analysis is running, it may take a while”, in short we have to wait, when the analysis ended. Comes in this review Alex, and waiting too. Thus, it is unclear why analyze the same code 2 times + all the code could simply be analyzed in the background before the review.

    3. It is not possible to reassign the review, i.e. there was a developer, he quit, his review needs to finish another developer, it would be good to assign as the author of the review. Or, for example, review reviewed, approval is not obtained, because there are not resolved comments, but you need to notify the author that the review is completed and it can proceed with the edits (like Assignee in Gitlab).

    4. It is not possible to put the labels on the review (especially own), like it is possible in gitlab.

    5. Labels, which you can put the commentary is very uncomfortable, ie first you need to leave a comment, then click on the label button to display the select then click on select, and then click on the label. I’d love to have the following flow: write a comment and instead of pressing the “Add comment” click on the desired label (which is displayed below the input field of the comment). It is clear that all the labels can not be shown, but most could be displayed immediately, and for the rest, you can do select.

    6. Already people said, but again, not enough buttons “Merge review” and the functionality of the “merge request” like in Gitlab, or “pull request” in Bitbucket.

    Thanks in advance, if you share the thoughts (best practics) for flow that is expected from users Upsource will be just fine, just maybe something we do not catch (I’m serious).

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    lebnik says:

    December 28, 2017

    On page written “PHP should be installed on the Upsource server.”. My question: how I can install php on docker container if I use many Repositories with different php versions.