PhpStorm 3.0: Keep Your Code in Its Best Shape!

Hello from JetBrains!

Great news of the day:  PhpStorm 3.0 — a major upgrade of our PHP IDE — is out!

It brings many new features and improvements, reflecting several hundred of your votes in our issue tracker:

  • Smart Duplicated Code Detector to help you quickly find similar blocks of code through your entire code base and securely get rid of them without losing the intended functionality.
  • A new integrated UML tool allows you to quickly get a bird’s-eye view of your project structure, or even a semantic view of the changes in the recent VCS commits made by your colleagues.
  • To ensure that your code works fast and doesn’t cause any performance bottlenecks, the IDE is now integrated with profilers.

The key new functionality in PhpStorm 3.0 includes:

  • Smart Duplicated Code Detector
  • PHP UML diagrams
  • Profiling results browser for Xdebug and Zend Debugger engines
  • PhpUnit test runner is now fully compatible with PhpUnit 3.6
  • CoffeeScript support
  • Significant improvements to FTP/SFTP Sync
  • TFS support and revision graph for GIT
  • Streamlined UI across all operating systems

Read more about what’s new and download PhpStorm 3.0.

Also coming soon: WebStorm 3.0 – a lightweight, smart IDE for JavaScript, HTML and CSS! Expect CoffeeScript, Node.JS and JSLint.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains Team

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63 Responses to PhpStorm 3.0: Keep Your Code in Its Best Shape!

  1. Nils Luxton says:

    Great news. Have there been any changes since the beta (build 110.518) in this release?

  2. everzet says:

    And no Behat support still?

  3. Michael says:

    Great work! I used the EAPs in the past weeks and 3.0 looks really nice! Thank you for this great IDE

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  5. FDisk says:

    And no svn 1.7 support?

    • Alexey Gopachenko says:

      Unfortunately Beta feedback shows its not ready for a prime time. Will be included in update as soon as possible.

    • Maxim Mossienko says:

      We decided that having no Subversion 1.7 support is better than have nonstable support. If you prefer later you can install experimental Subversion 1.7 support plugin from latest EAP at your own risk.

  6. Kristinn Örn Sigurðsson says:

    Should I continue to run the IDE in 32 bit mode on 64 bit Mac OS X (10.6.8) to free some memory?

  7. umren says:

    is Node.js will only be available for WebStorm? or for PhpStorm/PyCham/RedMine too?

  8. John says:

    Will there be an update package as well or do i need to install the whole program anew?

    • umren says:

      download whole..

    • Kuba says:

      As there is no update via built-in update tool (what’s the point of having it than?):
      Should I install it on top of my current 2.1?
      Will all settings and projects work?

      • Newbie2IDE says:

        I am sure you have it installed and working but for those coming late to this post I wanted to give my 2 cents.

        You should always install in a brand new folder and not over an existing version, especially a previous version such as installing version 3 on top of version 2.

        Yes, at least for me anyway, all my settings and projects were recognized and loaded into version 3. The project had to rebuild for the new version but when that was done everything worked great.

  9. Stefan says:

    I’m disappointed :(
    Subversion submodules are broken since EAP 110.437:

    Why do you release a new version with such a bug?

    • Irina Petrovskaya says:

      We’ve checked that SVN+SSH works generally in this version. However, since the used svnkit library has been updated, there may be some problems that occur in teh specific cases. Could you please answer the questions in the comments? We need more details to investigate the bug. Thanks in advance!

  10. Daniel Dvorkin says:

    Great news! 3.0 will require a new licence? or we’re good to go with the old licence?

  11. Ryan says:

    What are the plans for PHP 5.4? I know it’s still in RC but I like to play with the latest-and-greatest. :)

  12. Albert says:

    This is definitely better than previous versions. However I still have issues with it on osx platform that are extremely annoying to me:
    – file save and load dialogs are aliens. UGLY non native contraptions that should never been let through the QA! Is there ANY hope for native file dialogs?
    – same goes for font and color dialogs!!!
    – Preferences window is amazing in one aspect -you can configure almost anything. But it looks terribly ugly and disorganized and simply does not have the polish that mac users would expect.
    – maybe I am missing something, but see no way to hide hidden files ( dot folders ) from the project tree.

    On the whole I think it is one of the better PHP ide’s for mac, but general lack of polish, attention to details and disregard for native dialogs and conventions is what drags this product down.

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  14. Mark says:

    Am I being stupid because I can’t find how to view the Git revision graph?

  15. VVV says:

    Though, i have to ask, why do you release a new major version that contain important features that are broken? Either remove it until you have time to fix it or fix it!

    For example you advertise and then
    not fixed, and yet in the major release you still have the Usage Scope Settings which does not work. I think this confuses people.

    But yet, thanks for the best IDE :)

  16. PhpStorm is not only ahead of the pack, it’s taking ground fast!

    Btw, UI looks beautiful in Linux now. Download page says only Gnome and KDE are supported, but it works great in LXDE inside my VirtualBox VM.

    Keep it up, looking forward to what 3.5 will bring!

  17. Vron says:

    Could anyone confirm if SVN modules are working in 3.0?

  18. Thim says:

    Will it be updated through the build in update process of the IDE

  19. Kris says:

    Won’t be updating until you can debug PHPUnit tests on the server ( Seems wrong to break pretty major functionality from the previous version. However, still 2.1.5 is the best PHP/Javascript IDE and I am sure that when 3.0.1 comes out it will be too (as long as the fix for WI-8355 goes in).

  20. Zyava says:

    You Jetbrains use strange approach. So many critical bugs aren’t fixed, but you pick up some build and call it release…

    • VVV says:

      I think its a financial matter, its expensive to keep so many good developers in one place )))

      But , yes, it is unusual and feels very wrong.

    • Maxim Mossienko says:

      I think there are many meanings of “critical”, so please be more precise of what are your critical problems

  21. Aleksey Deryagin says:

    Great news! PhpStorm is really great peace of code, congratulations! :)

  22. DrBenton says:

    Great !
    Among other enhancements, The UI now looks good with Linux.

    Now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Phar archive read support – I hope it will be released soon :-)

  23. Great work as always! Can’t wait for the future versions to come out.

    And to all you people complaining about missing or broken features. Jetbrains has a very short path from feature-request to implementation. They also communicate directly with the community and actually listens. I think some broken/missing feature now and then is a small price to pay for the added value this provides all of us.

  24. Vron says:

    Is there a *safe* way to uninstall 2.1.5, upgrade to 3 and go back to 2.1.5 if some required function is broken?

    • Andriy Bazanov says:

      Backup your IDE settings (on Windows 7 it will be C:\Users\\.WebIde10\config … or maybe via “File | Export Settings…”) as well as project-specific settings (“.idea” subfolders).

      Another approach — you can install both of them side-by-side (maybe not run at the same time, but to keep IDE config separate) but this requires editing your PhpStorm\bin\ file to manually specify the config (and other) folder location (you may need to do it again after each subsequent upgrade). Obviously, you better backup project-specific settings as they likely not be backwards compatible (unless you will not open the same project in both versions).

  25. Brandon says:

    Love the new release! Am I right there’s no way to connect to MongoDB from PHPStorm/Webstorm? I tried installing the Mongo Java driver but it wasn’t recognized.

  26. Michal says:

    Hey people – stay calm.
    Every new major release has some bugs in zero subversion, its just natural.
    Jetbrains developers does very good work and i am sure they are working on it intensively, be patient, it will be flawless soon.


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  28. Bryan Green says:

    I think overall this is great software. How would I provide debug information for an issue where my IDE is FROZEN when I give it focus again after using other programs (windows.)

    Also, SCSS formatting is hugely important and still very much missing! Even the code coloring is wrong. Please fix this. Tracker tickets exist, folks.

    Keep up the great work. We’re still working with the BEST PHP IDE editor out there. It is a boon to the language and the community. Thank you. I’ll keep renewing if you keep exceeding my expectations.


  29. Nicolas E. says:

    Great news.

    Will the parser engine stability be improved? Unlike IntellJ which is really super stable, the WebStorm and PHPStorm often have some IDE Fatal Error.

    Really looking to try the new release!

  30. rroman says:

    Symfony 1.x please!
    Your IDE is the best, but i am using symfony (and a lot of my co-workers)
    Using symfony with phpStorm is not comfortable :(

  31. Niall O'Brien says:

    I’d like to see more PHP framework adoption eg. full support for CodeIgniter, Yii etc.

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