WebStorm 6 Sneak Peek – TypeScript, Background Tasks, and Sourcemaps

This quick video will highlight 3 new features coming in WebStorm 6:
1. TypeScript support
2. Background tasks (AKA “built-in file watchers”)
3. Sourcemap debugging


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13 Responses to WebStorm 6 Sneak Peek – TypeScript, Background Tasks, and Sourcemaps

  1. Bretto says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait to start using it, great features :)

  2. ksafonov says:

    All you need is just to grab the latest EAP build!

  3. Way cool John!

    Will we see that in PhpStorm too?

  4. Anatoliy Pankov says:

    Cool feature! Thanks:)

    But if compiler output errors, we will not see it.
    In Visual Studio Web Essentials this problem solved by writing error text into *.js file.

    For example:
    Compile Error.
    See error list for details
    C:/Users/Anatoliy/Documents/Visual Studio 2012/Projects/TypeScriptHTMLApp1/TypeScriptHTMLApp1/test.ts(21,4): Supplied parameters do not match any signature of call target

    • Fedor Korotkov says:

      The next EAP build will contain predefined output filters for TypeScript. Errors will be highlighted right in your TypeScript file.

  5. Awesome! Really looking forward to its release. Speaking of release, what is the intended release date for v6?

  6. Faunus says:

    Hi, I’m new to jetbrain IDE’s, just a question…
    Phpstorm === (php + webstorm)?
    If I going to purchase phpstorm I ‘ll get webstorm new features?
    Or I’ll need to snatch webstorm in order to get all this new features?

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      Yes, basically PhpStorm = WebStorm + Php + DB features. You will get WebStorm features in the next release of PhpStorm (and some of them are already available in current EAP).

  7. Very cool!

    On another note — what software are you using to capture these screen casts? I’d love to know!


  8. Steven Pribilinskiy says:

    I’m trying to Debug CoffeeScript this way, but without success. I can set Breakpoints, installed CoffeeScriptRedux, but Source Maps aren’t generated.
    John, if you achieved debugging of TypeScript, can you achieve this with CoffeeScript?

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