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How to debug with WebStorm

The debugger is one of the most essential features of WebStorm. With WebStorm you can debug all kinds of applications written in JavaScript, TypeScript or Dart: Node.js, React Native and Electron apps and, of course, client-side apps written using different … Continue reading

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Debugging Node.js apps in WebStorm

WebStorm makes it easier to debug Node.js apps. You can put breakpoints right in your source code (no more debugger and console.log() statements!), which can be written in JavaScript or TypeScript. You can do many things that will help you … Continue reading

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Debugging Webpack applications in WebStorm

Webpack is a module bundler. It allows you to build your modular application similarly to the way it is done with a combination of tools like Browserify and Gulp or Grunt. In this blog post we actually won’t dive into … Continue reading

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WebStorm 6 Sneak Peek – TypeScript, Background Tasks, and Sourcemaps

This quick video will highlight 3 new features coming in WebStorm 6: 1. TypeScript support 2. Background tasks (AKA “built-in file watchers”) 3. Sourcemap debugging http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=589eWAcIfsI

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WebStorm your Node app!

This is a simple tutorial on how to get started with Node.JS development in WebStorm 3.0 EAP. The same steps apply for PhpStorm 3.0 EAP or IntelliJ IDEA 11 EAP with Node.JS plugin installed. Initially, you’ll need to configure the location … Continue reading

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Debugging JavaScript in Google Chrome

Both WebStorm 2.0 and PhpStorm 2.0 allow you to debug JavaScript code while running it in Mozilla Firefox (including Firefox 4). In WebStorm 2.1 and PhpStorm 2.1, which are currently in early production access, you can also choose to debug … Continue reading

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