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Plugin Overview: Wallaby.js, Continuous Test Runner

This is a guest blog post about wallaby.js, third-party plugin to WebStorm, PhpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, RubyMine, PyCharm. The plugin is a separately sold commercial product, but is currently free to try out.

Wallaby.js a is a continuous test runner that outputs results directly into WebStorm. It uses dependency analysis to only run tests affected by changes and it solves the fundamental issue of being able to provide an instant feedback from your tests as you write your code, no matter how large your codebase is. You can quickly get an idea about how it works from this two minute WebStorm video this short video.


JavaScript ecosystem is very diverse. Wallaby.js is designed to quickly and painlessly adapt to ever changing of web development landscape and to get you covered whatever your technology stack is. It supports browser environment with all of its frameworks like Angular.js and node.js and io.js, require.js, TypeScript and CoffeeScript, ES6 and ES7, Browserify and Webpack, React JSX and much more.


Wallaby.js is deeply integrated into WebStorm and extends many of its awesome features. For example, wallaby.js nicely fits in the new distraction free mode, integrates its context actions into WebStorm ‘light bulb’ quick actions, leverages TypeScript compiler, CoffeeScript support, ES6 and even ES7 syntax support and much more.


A more detailed tutorial on how to use the plugin along with a few sample projects can be found on the project’s GitHub page and blog. You’re more than welcome to give the plugin a try, we appreciate your feedback.

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