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Announcing WebStorm 2019.3 Beta

Today we’re happy to announce the beta release of WebStorm 2019.3! In this release cycle, we’ve focused mainly on fixing lingering bugs and performance issues, yet we’ve also managed to add some great new functionality. We encourage you to try it out and share your feedback with us.


Let’s take a brief look at the major improvements available in the beta version of WebStorm 2019.3.

Faster startup

On startup, you can now expect WebStorm to display the welcome screen and open your already indexed projects 20% faster than before. For now, the results are better for some operating systems than others, but we’ll keep improving this over the next release cycle.

More advanced Vue.js support

With every new WebStorm version released this year, we’ve extended its support for Vue.js, making it easier to build great apps with Vue.js. WebStorm 2019.3 is no exception: it comes with code completion for slot names, support for components defined in separate files, and quick documentation for Vue symbols (F1).

Name suggestions for new symbols in JavaScript

As you add new variable and parameter names in JavaScript or TypeScript files, you’ll now get name suggestions based on the names of classes, interfaces, and type aliases defined in the project, standard libraries, and dependencies you’re using.

For new variables, functions, classes, and interfaces, you’ll also get suggestions for names that were already used in the same scope but haven’t yet been defined and are marked as unresolved.

Support for the latest versions of popular technologies

WebStorm 2019.3 supports schematics with Angular 9 and the Plug’n’Play feature from Yarn 2. Plus, it can help you work with key TypeScript 3.7 features, such as optional chaining, nullish coalescing, and assertion signatures, with no additional configuration required.

Completion for CSS libraries on CDN

If you’re using Bootstrap or another CSS library and have it linked from a CDN in your HTML file, you can now get completion for the class names from that library, without adding its sources to the project.

Reworked UI for cloning projects

When you clone a project from a VCS, you’ll see an updated Get from Version Control dialog shown on the welcome screen and the VCS menu. The main goal of this update is to improve the experience of getting projects from GitHub: you can now log in to your GitHub account, explore the list of repositories, and clone projects to WebStorm right from the updated dialog.

Run Anything action

You can now launch tools like npm and Yarn, open recent projects, and start a run/debug configuration using a single Run Anything action (Ctrl-Ctrl) – there is no need to memorize all the shortcuts for these specific actions anymore.

Some other fixes and improvements include:

Finally, just so you aren’t caught off guard, the timeline for GitHub pull requests won’t be included in WebStorm 2019.3. We’ll continue enhancing our support for GitHub pull requests, and we plan to make it available in one of our future releases.

Please report any issues on our issue tracker, and stay tuned for the upcoming release announcement!

The WebStorm Team

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