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Announcing WebStorm 2019.3 Beta

Today we’re happy to announce the beta release of WebStorm 2019.3! In this release cycle, we’ve focused mainly on fixing lingering bugs and performance issues, yet we’ve also managed to add some great new functionality. We encourage you to try … Continue reading

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TypeScript Support in WebStorm 6

One of the evolutions in JavaScript development is the new TypeScript language, an open-source superset of JavaScript that allows us to write code in a typed language which compiles to JavaScript. At JеtВrаins wе wоrk tirеlеssly tо bring аbоut mоrе … Continue reading

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Validating JavaScript code with JSDoc types annotations

Today’s post is about a nice feature set (many of you have been using for a long time) and its recent improvements. I’m talking about static type checking when type of parameter or variable on the left side of assignment … Continue reading

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New in 5.0: Google Closure Compiler JSDoc annotations

Providing comments and annotations to your JavaScript code is a way to make it more definite and easier to read by other developers. It is especially important in large projects. Some static code analysis tools and verifiers take types and … Continue reading

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New in 4.0: Smarter ordering of JavaScript completion options

We are getting a lot of reports and ideas from you about the ordering of JavaScript completion options. So in WebStorm 4.0 and PhpStorm 4.0 we made small but important improvements. More relevant suggestions now appear at the top of … Continue reading

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Improvement of HTML5 support in PhpStorm & WebStorm

Recently, we’ve added a number of new features that simplify HTML5 development. Here’s a short list of their highlights: Support of HTML custom data attributes. The attributes with names that begin with data- can be used to store some custom … Continue reading

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Enjoy HTML5 excitement with PhpStorm & WebStorm

Lately we have been seeing a lot of excitement circulating on various blogs about HTML5 and it’s support in latest versions of all major browsers. We are constantly improving our IDE to support new standards. Now you can easily enjoy … Continue reading

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