What’s Next: WebStorm 2020.3 Roadmap

With summer in full swing, we’ve released WebStorm 2020.2, our second major update this year. We’d like to thank everyone who shared their product experience, feedback, and suggestions with us during our Early Access Program. It helped us make v2020.2 better!

With WebStorm 2020.3 scheduled for the end of November, we’d like to share our plans for the rest of the year.

First, we’ll keep working on the platform-wide initiatives we announced back in December and January. Some of the key areas we’ll be focusing on now are:

  • Finishing the remaining parts of the localization work.
  • Simplifying the IDE setup process for new users.
  • Enhancing WSL 2 support.
  • Working on collaborative editing features.

As for WebStorm-specific features, here are some of the highlights from our roadmap:

  • We’ll do our best to add support for Tailwind, a popular CSS framework.
  • We’ve started collaborating with the author of the popular Svelte plugin to help enhance the Svelte support available with it. We’ll keep helping with that.
  • For Angular, we plan to add some minor formatting improvements and routing support among other things.
  • There will be some improvements for React, too. For example, we’ll add the ability to create a React component from an unresolved reference.
  • As usual, we also plan to add some new functionality for JavaScript and TypeScript, as well as some improvements to the debugging experience.

We also plan to add some changes to the WebStorm UI, such as:

  • Integrating the TypeScript language service into the Problems tool window and getting rid of the TypeScript tool window.
  • Adding breadcrumbs to the Navigation bar.
  • Deprecating support for some rarely used technologies and tools.

Lastly, you can expect to see more learning resources for WebStorm. We’ve released the learning plugin, the WebStorm Guide, and several blog posts with tips and tricks this year. We’ve also started working on a series of the WebStorm Fundamentals videos. There is more new material to come! If you have any thoughts on what you’d like to learn about, let us know what they are in the comments.

That’s about it. Of course, our roadmap is subject to change, but the overall direction will stay the same. Stay tuned for the upcoming start of the Early Access Program for 2020.3!

The WebStorm team

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