Live Webinar: Getting Started With Svelte in WebStorm

Join us Tuesday, March 2, at 6pm – 7pm (CET) / 12pm – 1pm (EST) for our free live webinar Getting Started With Svelte in WebStorm, featuring Tomasz Błachut, the creator of the Svelte plugin.

Tomasz, the newest member of the WebStorm team, will join Paul Everitt, JetBrains Developer Advocate, to talk about Svelte, its compiler strategies, and how you can use the Svelte plugin to develop with WebStorm and other JetBrains IDEs.

Svelte is believed to be one of the fastest growing frontend frameworks right now. Join our webinar to find out everything you should know about this new approach to web development!

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A video recording will be available after the webinar.

TomaszTomasz Błachut is a Software Developer working on WebStorm at JetBrains and the creator of the Svelte plugin. He likes making the computer do mundane work for you. Originally a frontend developer, he likes to explore a wide range of technologies. Outside of work you may spot him playing board and video games or running around Kraków, Poland.

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