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WebStorm 2021.1 Release Candidate Is Here

With the release date just around the corner, we’re happy to announce the release candidate (RC) for WebStorm 2021.1! Unlike previous EAP builds, this one requires you to have an active WebStorm license. Otherwise, it will install and run as a 30-day free trial.


Let’s take a brief look at the most interesting improvements available in this RC build:

  • Smarter completion for JavaScript and TypeScript: Completion suggestions in your .js and .ts files will now be sorted using machine-learning algorithms by default. Also, WebStorm will consider file names when showing you completion suggestions for top-level variables as well as for function and class names.
  • Built-in remote collaborative development service: WebStorm is now shipped with Code With Me, our new service for remote collaborative development and pair programming. You can use it to code with your teammates in real time and talk to others from the IDE.
  • Support for CSS modules in Vue: WebStorm will resolve $style properties correctly, providing code completion, navigation, and basic refactoring capabilities for them.
  • Enhancements for the HTTP client: You can collapse the returned output using a new icon, quickly scroll to the top or the bottom of the response, find and replace usages of the http:// protocol in a few clicks, and more.
  • Improved support for Stylelint: We’ve made it easier to fix your code with this popular linter and added the ability to specify a path to its configuration file.
  • Built-in HTML preview: It’s now possible to preview static HTML files right in WebStorm.
  • Adjustable editor font weight: You can now choose between different variations of the editor font, whether you’re working with light, regular, or bold.
  • Maximize tabs in the split view: Have several tabs open in the split view? You can now double-click the tab you’re working with to maximize the editor window for it.
  • Improved work with pull requests: We’ve added several improvements that will help you work with pull requests more efficiently. For example, you can now create a new PR right from the Pull Requests tool window by clicking the + icon.

To find out what else has been implemented in WebStorm 2021.1, check out our previous EAP blog posts.

Please report any issues in our issue tracker, and stay tuned for the upcoming release announcement!

The WebStorm team

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