What’s Next: WebStorm 2021.2 Roadmap

We rolled out our major 2021.1 release a couple of weeks ago, and we can’t wait to tell you about our plans for the 2021.2 release that’s coming this July.

But before we dive into it, we’d like to give a big shout-out to all of our 2021.1 Early Access Program users! Your valuable feedback really helped us improve the product. As usual, the most active EAPers have received free one-year WebStorm licenses.

Now let’s take a closer look at our roadmap for WebStorm 2021.2. As a reminder, please note that we can’t guarantee that all the improvements listed below will be included.

Our team continues to work on the different platform-wide initiatives, such as:

  • Development of WebStorm-specific workflows in Code With Me, JetBrains’ new collaborative development and remote pair programming service, which was publicly released in April and is now bundled with WebStorm and the majority of our IDEs.
  • Localization of all JetBrains IDEs that started last year.

As for WebStorm-specific features, here are some of the improvements that are in the works for 2021.2:

  • At the request of many TypeScript users, we plan to add support for TypeScript types in JSDoc.
  • For React, we plan to implement some refactoring intentions for React hooks.
  • The work on web-types continues. Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on this topic.
  • A major improvement is already on the way for Node.js users – auto imports for Common.js require statements. Starting with v2021.2, ‘require’ imports will be inserted on completion where a quick-fix is available.
  • For Tailwind CSS, we’ll implement code completion in styled components.
  • A long-awaited feature is finally coming to the 2021.2 release: it will be possible to use the Node.js remote interpreter with ESLint.
  • To improve the existing Live Edit functionality, we’ll add a Reload on Save feature to the IDE’s built-in web server.
  • Some changes will touch upon the JS GraphQL plugin. We are planning to rework injections and migrate to GraphQL Config v3.
  • And as always, we’ll continue working on various performance issues.

That’s about it. Which of the upcoming improvements are you most excited about? Let us know here or on Twitter, and stay tuned for information about the start of the Early Access Program for 2021.2!

The WebStorm team

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