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Debugging Node.js apps in WebStorm

WebStorm makes it easier to debug Node.js apps. You can put breakpoints right in your source code (no more debugger and console.log() statements!), which can be written in JavaScript or TypeScript. You can do many things that will help you … Continue reading

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Developing Ionic apps in WebStorm

Ionic is a framework for developing mobile apps in TypeScript. Since Ionic uses Angular, WebStorm can be of a great help when working on your next Ionic application. Let’s go through the Ionic tutorial in WebStorm. But first, make sure … Continue reading

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How to configure code completion in full-stack JavaScript projects?

If you’re working on a full-stack JavaScript application in WebStorm, you’ve probably noticed that code completion suggests some Node.js APIs in your client-side code and DOM APIs in the Node.js code. Here’s how to fix that. What is Library in … Continue reading

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Quick Tour of WebStorm and Docker

Node.js developers are embracing Docker for repeatable builds, and WebStorm supports Docker-oriented workflows: Quickly bootstrap your Node.js app with a Dockerfile, then run and debug your app in Docker, from the WebStorm IDE. Let’s take a look. Note: WebStorm’s Docker … Continue reading

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Using JavaScript Standard Style

Standard is a popular JavaScript code style guide. It can also lint your code since it’s built on top of ESLint and, therefore, it can also be used as an ESLint plugin. To improve the experience with WebStorm for those … Continue reading

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Your first unit test using Angular CLI, Karma and WebStorm

This is a guest blog post prepared by Pete Heard. Pete is a full-stack JavaScript developer who has spent over a decade learning to craft robust software using Test Driven Development and advanced Object Oriented Design. He is the founder … Continue reading

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Debugging Angular apps created with Angular CLI in WebStorm

Angular CLI can help us bootstrap a new Angular app with a ready to useTypeScript and Webpack configuration. In this post we’ll see how to debug such apps in WebStorm. If you have never used JavaScript debugger in WebStorm before, we recommend … Continue reading

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Debugging React apps created with Create React App in WebStorm

With Create React App you can quickly bootstrap a new React project. And you don’t have to configure anything to get the app running – it comes with the preconfigured dev environment that uses Webpack, Babel, ESLint and other tools. In … Continue reading

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Developing mobile apps with React Native in WebStorm

React Native allows you to develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript and React. It’s created by Facebook and used for such well-known apps as Instagram, Airbnb, and now JetBrains’ own YouTrack mobile app (which is open-source, … Continue reading

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Using Flow in WebStorm

Flow is a static type system developed by Facebook. It introduces a syntax of type annotations for JavaScript and provides a type checking tool. Using types in your code allows Flow to catch more errors before you run the code, … Continue reading

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