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Select All. We Mean, All

If you have executed a search query but the list of matching issues doesn’t fit in a single page, don’t worry, you can select all of them in just one click.

What exactly do you have to do? Say you’ve searched for all your unresolved issues:

for me #unresolved

Found 1000 issues. Now, press Ctrl+A, or click “Select All” on the toolbar to select all issues on the current page. You will notice a message right above your issues: “Click to select all 1000 issues”.

Click the link specifying the number of issues to select. Now, you can modify all found issues with the Command window – for example, type command “won’t fix”, and have a couple of weeks vacation followed by a couple of months at an employment agency!

Be careful though, the changes you make can’t be reverted!

This feature is available in YouTrack EAP in build 67 or later!