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JetBrains TV: Watch with Pleasure!

For some time now, we’ve had requests from the community to have a central point where people could have access to Screencasts and other Video related material that we provide. In response to that, we are happy to announce the availability of JetBrainsTV (Beta!).

The content is organized by Channels, currently one per product, although we will be expanding that to include other topics in the near future. Most of this content, if not all, is tagged with keywords, allowing you to easily locate topics you are interested in. In addition, the cross-cutting nature of the tags allow you to discover new things, for instance functionality that you knew existed in IntelliJ IDEA but weren’t aware that RubyMine also provided.

Content can be voted and commented on, neither of which require you to create an account. Voting is anonymous and comments can be left as a Guest user or using other social media accounts such as Twitter, Disqus or OpenId (obviously based on level of Spam we might have to adjust this in the future).

Contributing content

JetBrains TV is not only a platform to offer centralized screencasts, but also a chance for community members to contribute. By signing in (click on the link in the top right-hand corner), you can upload your own videos, providing you a platform for other community members to see your work. The sign-up process is easy, in fact, you might not even need to create an account. Since it uses the consolidated JetBrains account, if you’ve contributed to the forums or the JetBrains developer community, you’re good to go!

Although it is still in Beta, there’s quite a lot of content on there already and we hope that by opening it up to the community early, we can improve things based on your valuable feedback.


PS. To support our love for dogfooding we’ve implemented the TV site with PHP and Drupal using PhpStorm IDE. PhpStorm team has received a good bunch of feedback they wanted.