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New Energy EAP Build (1277) Is Available!

As we are moving closer to Energy release, we would like to share some fresh functionality with you. New YouTrack Energy EAP build includes:

  • Customizable sidebar. Now you can choose which tags and saved searches are visible (pinned) in your sidebar by pinning/unpinning items from the list. Organize your sidebar to have all the tags and saved searches you need right in front of you! Read more>>
    Update: This feature is completed, based on your feedback and our own experience, we came up with completely reworked UI. Please, let us know what you think!

    Customizable sidebar

    Customizable sidebar

    Related Issues:

    1. Ability to choose tags to show in a sidebar
    2. Popup for watch folder with actions
    3. Pin ‘saved search/tag’ in a list
  • Customizable attributes.New custom attribute types User[1] and User[*] are available. Finally, you can add new custom field for QA Contact of User type to specify QA person responsible for the issue, for example. And of course, User attribute type is supported in our search syntax and commands!

    Related Issues:

    1. Provide combo-/multibox type for ‘users’ custom fields
  • Mobile UI.
    Related Issues:

    1. Read only mobile FSI
    2. Add write actions to mobile UI
  • Administration Improvements.
    Related Issues:

    2. Show message about license is about to expire
    3. Show evaluation expiration message

    Here is the complete issues list included in the current EAP build, do not hesitate to download it, and share your feedback with us:

    1. Submit issues and feature requests in our bug tracker.
    2. Speak out at our community forum.
    3. Submit private feedback using our feedback form.
    4. Rate individual EAP builds right on the YouTrack EAP Builds page.

    Keep tracking with pleasure!
    YouTrack JetBrains Team

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