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Integrate YouTrack With GitHub!

Great news for all GitHub and YouTrack users. Today, we are introducing native integration between YouTrack and GitHub.
What will you get? You can type any command (just as with command window) right in the commit comment, and this command will be applied to the issue associated with commit. For example, should you commit files with a comment like #JT-1787 fixed tag to be documented, issue JT-1787 will be fixed and tagged as “to be documented”.
Interested? In order to integrate your YouTrack installation or hosted instance with GitHub repository, you’ll need to navigate to Admin->Service Hooks part of your repository and find YouTrack at the bottom of the list of available service hooks. You’ll also find all necessary instructions in service hook description.
Note: if you’re using YouTrack 2.x version, the command specified in commit comment will be applied with the administrator credentials, if you’re using YouTrack hosted, and generally starting from the next YouTrack version, the command will be applied with the committer’s credentials.

Integrate and track with pleasure!
JetBrains YouTrack Team

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