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Pluralsight Webcast: Agile Environments

On the 5th May, in collaboration with our partners Pluralsight, we will be doing a webcast on Agile environments:


– What exactly is an Agile environment

– Best practices for setting up environments with TeamCity, YouTrack and an OSS stack


This webcast is completely free and open to all. Please check out Pluralsight’s website for more information and registration information.

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1 Responses to Pluralsight Webcast: Agile Environments

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    Saly says:

    April 28, 2012

    I`m interested This Artical.I tatloly get where you are coming from.For me, the goal of the startup is to create something of value as quickly as possible andwith minimal cost / waste. In pursuit of this, visualization gives a startup team clarity and immediate direction. Options are made apparent and acted upon with maximum buy-in.In a startup, the kanban can be the focal point to allow rapid ideation, prototyping andrelease. It can also be used to experiment, kill bad ideas, and evolve rapidly.

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