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YouTrack 4.0 EAP With Scrum Board Is Open!

YouTrack 4.0, code-named Fascination, is fully devoted to agile project management. It’s time to lift the curtain and unveil a completely new module in YouTrack, called Agile. We’ve got a lot to share and we’re anxious to get your feedback. So, after you’re done reading – or even before – try YouTrack EAP with Scrum Board and have fun!

What’s Already In There?

Scrum Board

Visualize your development process and increase your agile team’s productivity. Add features to the board to form a swimlane for each one, then break it down by tasks right on the board. Add estimations, assignees, priorities, drag your tasks around the board, and much more. Get a clear view of your team’s progress using the burn down chart. All that with YouTrack’s keyboard-centric navigation, advanced search capabilities and commands!

YouTrack Agile Tips

  • Each feature forms it’s own swimlane on Scrum Board.
  • Version is treated as ‘sprint’ on Scrum Board.
  • If you filter #Project and #version, all issues assigned to this version and project will be shown on the board, according to the States you configured to appear on the board. For example, by default we start from the Open State, so you won’t see Submitted issues on the Scrum board.
  • You’ll see features as swimlanes and all issues linked to the feature as ‘subtask of’.
  • All issues that are not linked to any feature will appear at the bottom of the board in the ‘orphans’ swimlane as well, according to their states.
  • When you create a task inside the feature swimlane, the issue is automatically created as a ‘subtask of’ the current feature.
  • Subtasks are shown as a tree in one-line view on the issues list only.

We assume you are now ready to go and start your first sprint with YouTrack Scrum Board. Try YouTrack 4.0 EAP!

You can choose to install YouTrack EAP build on your own server, or play with our sandbox YouTrack InCloud site. Visit our EAP page to get more details about the already implemented features and those coming soon.

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Be Agile with YouTrack!
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