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YouTrack 5.0 Release Candidate is Available. Be the first to try it out!

Attention! Achtung! Внимание! Consideración!

If you want to be the first to try YouTrack 5 codenamed “Gentle”, we’ve got a Release Candidate ready. Grab it while it’s hot!

What should you try in YouTrack 5?


We did it! Most voted feature in YouTrack ever is here. Change the UI language on the Administration > Settings tab to explore YouTrack in French, German, Russian or Spanish:
Change Language

Awesome Agile Project Management
We prepared numerous enhancements for our Agile project tracking. Try them all:

  • Create a common board for multiple projects
  • Narrow down the issues on the board using search queries
  • Share the board with the team or keep it just for yourself
  • Set attributes as swimlanes
  • Drag the subtasks directly to the board from the new tree-like backlog
  • Keep as many boards as you need
  • Enjoy a fresh look and feel for cards

Enhanced Agile Board

Restyled UI
Clear and fresh, the redesigned UI lets you track your issues more efficiently and cooler than ever before.
Create Issue Screen

Other great features you don’t want to miss:

  • Sharp-looking Darcula TV theme for Agile board
  • Similar issues tab to avoid duplicates
  • Wiki Markup now supports HTML tags and mentioning users
  • New ‘Clone issue’ command
  • Renewed Screenshot tool

If you like, dig deeper into details with YouTrack 5.0 RC release notes. Download the latest RC (#7165) from the EAP page or play with one of these InCloud EAP instances in your language:

Also, we have updated the biggest YouTrack Installation on JetBrains issue tracker production. This means that the final release of YouTrack 5.0 is just around the corner. Stay tuned these few days before the release and please share all your feedback with us.

Keep calm and track it softly with YouTrack 5 codenamed “Gentle”
JetBrains Youtrack Team

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6 Responses to YouTrack 5.0 Release Candidate is Available. Be the first to try it out!

  1. Avatar

    AAA says:

    July 20, 2013

    could we help translate? or can we tranlate youtrack for ourselves?
    is there some localization file we can edit?

    • Avatar

      Olga Kosyreva says:

      July 20, 2013

      Hello. Thanks for reaching us out.

      Your can use your custom translation. Please check how-to translate YouTrack UI for all the details. Currently, the option is available for Stand-Alone users only.

  2. Avatar

    Eugene OZ says:

    July 22, 2013

    Very nice interface! I’m waiting update for “in-cloud” versions already 🙂

    • Avatar

      Olga Kosyreva says:

      July 22, 2013

      Hi Eugene,

      Thank you for your awesome feedback! The update will be soon. We are also excited about new YouTrack look and feel. Soon you can have a closer look on it.

      Best regards!

  3. Avatar

    Antony says:

    July 22, 2013

    cant you already narrow down the issues on the board using search queries? Or does it work diffrent now? Either way looking forward to the release. Good work guys/girls

    • Avatar

      Olga Kosyreva says:

      July 22, 2013

      Hi Antony,
      Thanks a lot for your interest. Actually it was not exactly search queries to identify the issues on the board. Previously you had to choose one project and identify Sprint field. With the upcoming YouTrack 5 you can choose multiple projects and just input search query applied to issues from all these projects. By the way, you also may edit visibility settings for particular board.

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