Fresh Update for YouTrack 6.5 EAP (build 15956) Is Here

Please welcome this week update for YouTrack 6.5 EAP (build 15956)!

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We are moving closer and closer to the release, so the latest EAP build contains all the goodies we’re planning to ship in the 6.5 version: Bitbucket, Gitlab integration, simplified Jira import, redesigned Administration part and more. Check the full list of the Release Notes for more details.

VCS integration


Download YouTrack 6.5 EAP (build 15956) and try all the goodies today!

Your feedback is crucial for us. So, please speak to us, by either:

Keep tracking with pleasure!

About Valerie Andrianova

Valerie Andrianova is YouTrack, Hub and Upsource Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains. Her professional interests include issue & bug tracking, project and task management, agile methodologies and team collaboration. Apart from work, she cannot imagine her life without live music, quirky books and lattes with those cute little foam hearts.
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6 Responses to Fresh Update for YouTrack 6.5 EAP (build 15956) Is Here

  1. Javier McFigglestein says:

    I like the VCS integration since it skips a step of having to set up a TeamCity build for a project that doesn’t actually want to use TeamCity. But, will it ever be possible to just connect to an arbitrary Subversion or Git repository that isn’t hosted in BitBucket, GitLab, or GitHub?

    • Javier McFigglestein says:

      Also, will we be able to test Upsource integration ever? And, when will Upsource be updated to support YouTrack integration?


      • Valerie Andrianova says:

        Hello Javier,
        Unfortunately, Upsource integration won’t be available in YouTrack 6.5 EAP. Let me explain a little bit more details: Upsource integration will be available in YouTrack 6.5 and Upsource 2.0.x versions (Upsource will be updated with the YouTrack 6.5 release). However, this integration will be available via the external Hub (our brand new user management tool, which will be released with YouTrack 6.5 as well). So we cannot provide you with the preview of this integration at the moment. The good news is that YouTrack 6.5 is coming very soon. Please stay tuned to our news!

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hello Javier,
      Thanks for raising a good question. Unfortunately, this feature is pretty complicated from technical side, so we might be adding some more native integrations with VCSs (not only hosted), but in general we would definitely prefer to leave it on TeamCity and Upsource side.

      • Joel Feiner says:

        I was looking forward to being able to use Gitlab with YouTrack, so I’m rather disappointed that there will be no integration with self-hosted Gitlab.

        I must say that I’m having trouble understanding the explanation for why pointing YouTrack to a self-hosted Gitlab instance is tremendously difficult while pointing YouTrack to Gitlab’s server is not. I’ve taken a cursory look at the API docs and outside of some differences in authentication (perhaps just OAuth vs. a special private key), I don’t really see what the difference is. Can you explain further why being able to put in a custom Gitlab URL is so difficult? Do you also have a sense for when this feature will be available, if at all? I’d rather not invest in stuff that will never integrate.

        • alexander.volfman says:

          Hi Joel,
          I think the comment will provide you with some insights into my [not that correct in retrospective] decision-making process regarding the implementation. Indeed, allowing to declare a GitLab server is not that hard to implement, but it still require some coding and design which are not in our release plan. Given the popularity of the request to add GitLab CE and EE support, I can assure you that it’ll be implemented within a couple of month after the release, which is now scheduled for mid. August.


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