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How to Import Your Jira Projects into YouTrack 6.5 in One Click

Whew, writing an entire post about OneClick is going to be a challenge!

In your admin menu, choosing ‘Import from JIRA’ opens a straightforward form.

blankFill in the connection details, and YouTrack will discover what permissions you have in each of the JIRA projects.


Give me power

In case you don’t have certain permissions in your JIRA, you will experience the following kinds of frustration (since some of your data may not be imported):

  • Without a Jira System Administrator, Jira Administrator or Administer projects role, no JIRA group members and no role actors will be imported. Important: if a comment in Jira is only visible to some role, the YouTrack group created during import to represent this role will be empty, thus the comment will not be visible unless you add members to the group.
  • Without permissions to view voters and watchers, no votes or watches will be found.
  • Without a permission to manage watchers, this will be your last chance to get the watches imported even if you don’t have the previous permission.

At this point you should decide if you need to beg your Jira administrator to grant you more permissions or if it’s time to OneClick.

Almost ready

If you or your manager have not yet decided to completely migrate to YouTrack (but what are the chances of that anyway?), ‘Continuous Import’ is an option for you. When checked, it triggers an import every 10 minutes to poll any changes made in your Jira. You can switch this option on/off at any time.

So, finally, OneСlick it!

ready-to-import 2

Ta-da! Like I said, it’s very simple and utterly harmless.

complete1 2

Further development

For those who prefer to get their hands dirty, we will allow low-level control of the import process in YouTrack 7.0. You will be able to control every single operation of the import process.

We also plan to implement two-side data synchronization to keep the competition honest.

Brought to you by OneClick. Hope you enjoyed it.

And now when you know all the insights about our brand new Jira import, it’s time to Get YouTrack 6.5 and see it in action!

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12 Responses to How to Import Your Jira Projects into YouTrack 6.5 in One Click

  1. Avatar

    Onno says:

    October 1, 2015


    I’m having quite some issues with the import functionality. I’ve just start a trial period for YouTrack and tried to import my projects from JIRA cloud. It seemed to go okay. But there were some users in there I wanted to remove. Since removal is not possible, I merged them instead.

    When comparing the tickets in YouTrack with the ones in JIRA, I noticed that the issue number were off. So a ticket named BLA-146 in JIRA was named BLA-145 in JIRA. Also I noticed the comments for the issues were not available, but things like attachments and work-logs did transfer.

    After digging through other people’s bug reports, I noticed a report about merging users leading to comments disappearing. Although the issue was resolved I figured it merging users might have caused the issues I was facing, so I removed the entire project hoping to re-import everything. Sadly that doesn’t work, since YouTrack remembers the last imported issue timestamp and only imports the new tickets, not the old ones anymore, even though the project itself is recreated, there are no tickets in it anymore.

    Is there any way to retry a full import?

  2. Avatar

    alexander.volfman says:

    October 19, 2015

    I believe some of your Jira issues might have been either removed or moved to another project. Here’s the issue I’ve created based on your feedback: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-32365.

    If YouTrack can not access all required information to set comment visibility during the import, it would ‘hide’ such comments. This actualy means the comments will be visible to a project-admin group members. If you add a user into this group, they will be able to see the comments.

    After the import finishes, running it from scratch is not possible. Here’s the respective issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-32362.


  3. Avatar

    Thomas says:

    May 1, 2016

    This is so nice!

    I tried the Free 10-user version of YouTrack and had problems with import from a 25+ user JIRA install

    I see this issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-33064 which seems related is fixed in 7.0 but I am not sure how the issue was resolved. Any insight to that?


    • Valerie Andrianova

      Valerie Andrianova says:

      May 4, 2016

      Hi Thomas,
      Yes, this issue was fixed in the scope of the upcoming 7.0 version. All the users that exceed your current license limitation will be imported banned. YouTracl 7.0 is currently planned for Q2 2016.

  4. Avatar

    Rasmus Hansen says:

    April 11, 2017

    It seems you have changed opinion about the two-way JIRA syncronization: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-1241 That specific issue was closed days ago (As of this comment), so is that no longer planned at all?

    • Avatar

      Natasha Katson says:

      April 11, 2017

      Yes, unfortunately, we are not going to implement this feature in the nearest future.

  5. Avatar

    Guillaume says:

    December 21, 2017

    I have this problem when trying to migrate :

    Import failed with error DA-1:event:84003-0:assignee:conversion failed. Check that Youtrack has no corresponding field of different type. jetbrains.exodus.database.exceptions.ConstraintsValidationException: Constrains validation exception. Causes: 1: Can’t create value from string [ aurelien ] for field [ Assignee ] . Current import stage: Projects created.

    What can I do?

    • Anastasia Bartasheva

      Anastasia Bartasheva says:

      December 27, 2017


      Unfortunately, this is a known bug: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/v2/issue/JT-44769. We have already fixed it, the fix will be available in the next bug fix release.
      Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!

      • Avatar

        Bob says:

        January 23, 2018

        When will this fix be released? I’m trying to migrate but have been unable to because of this. The workaround suggested in the issue worked the first time I encountered the problem, but I had to restart the import, and the workaround isn’t doing the trick the second time around (it’s catching on an earlier issue that was’t imported in the first try).

        • Anastasia Bartasheva

          Anastasia Bartasheva says:

          January 24, 2018


          The fix will be included in one of the next bug fix updates. It is expected soon but unfortunately I can’t provide you with the estimation date.
          Thank you!

          • Avatar

            Shruti says:

            May 24, 2019

            Is this bug fixed – I am having issues with importing from JIRA and here is my error:
            mport failed with error DPM-187:event:10785-0:assignee:conversion failed. Check that Youtrack has no corresponding field of different type. jetbrains.charisma.workflow.exceptions.UnknownFieldException: Unknown field [Assignee_] of type [IssueCustomField] in project [IssueCustomField]. Current import stage: Projects created.

  6. Avatar

    Denis Burlakov says:

    October 23, 2019

    Hi! The problem is still not solved. And when will two-way synchronization be implemented?

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