YouTrack 6.5: Designed for Development Teams Like Yours

We are happy to announce that YouTrack 6.5 is released!


In YouTrack 6.5, we’ve focused on improving your user experience and bringing your development team’s issue tracking to the next level. We’ve also introduced a number of useful integrations and one-click Jira migration.

Key new features in YouTrack 6.5:

  • Integration with JetBrains teamware
  • Integration with BitBucket and GitLab
  • One-click Jira import
  • Redesigned Administration UI
  • Project Wizard


  • GitHub integration
  • VCS changes tab
  • Support TeamCity feature branches
  • Dashboard
  • Workflow
  • Mailbox integration
  • Bug-fix versions included in the license
  • Mention @username notifications

Excited? Get YouTrack 6.5 today—register a new InCloud site or download a stand-alone version—and start enjoying all the goodies. Or, continue with this blog to dig into more detail.

The fastest way to see what’s new in YouTrack 6.5 is to watch this short video by Dmitry Nesteruk:

Now let’s take the long tour of the new version’s goodies!

Integration with JetBrains Teamware

Please welcome Hub—our brand new user management tool designed to serve as your single entry point for all JetBrains team tools, including YouTrack, TeamCity, and Upsource. Hub made its first appearance as part of YouTrack 6, so you may already be familiar with it.


The brand new Hub website has more details for you.

Bitbucket and GitLab Integration

Now you can enable native Bitbucket or GitLab integration to be able to:

  • Apply any YouTrack command from a commit comment to the mentioned issue. All changes will be made with the committer’s account.
  • Use commit hashes in YouTrack issues to provide direct links to Bitbucket/GitLab commits.

  • View VCS changes on a specific VCS Changes tab

  • Filter the issues that contain VCS changes with the search query has:{vcs changes}.



Update: Integration with GitLab CE и GitLab EE is available in YouTrack 6.5 (build 16655). Get more details in this post.

One-click Jira Import

Migrating from Jira to YouTrack has never been this easy! Import your Jira projects with all their histories, watchers lists, voters, custom fields, reporters, assignees, comments, attachments, and even work items.

Simply provide YouTrack with the link to your Jira, your login and your password, and that’s it! YouTrack will create a group for your Jira assignees, and users for your Jira reporters. Please note that this import supports Jira 5+.

Redesigned Administration UI

We’ve completely redesigned the Administration parts of YouTrack. Hopefully the new look & feel will enhance your experience with configuring and administrating YouTrack projects. Included are new and improved ways to customize fields and workflows, tweak integrations, and more.

Here is the VCS Integrations page:



Project Wizard

Creating a project is now as simple as completing just three fields and adding your team members. A project ‘Team’ user group is automatically created, with all its users having the Developer role, and set as project Assignees.

 Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 13.29.57








Please welcome the brand new Project List. A project filter with query assistance is also included. Editing your project is now faster, too: add a team member or group to the project Team in one click.

Project List


GitHub Integration

GitHub changes are also now reflected on the VCS changes tab. In addition, you can now integrate one Github repository with multiple YouTrack projects.

VCS Changes Tab

Changes from all version control systems will now be added to a dedicated tab called VCS Changes. You can also filter the list of issues that have VCS changes with the search query has:{vcs changes}.


Now you can resize your widgets, edit and drag them smoothly, and open a widget in full screen by double-clicking its header. Better query assistance, saved searches and tag filters are also available.




YouTrack 6.5 enhances custom workflows so you can now:

  • Send notification on comment update
  • Use more detailed workflow language reference
  • Run scheduled rules and time events under a dedicated YouTrack Workflow user

Mailbox integration

Using YouTrack as a help desk? We have some sweet goodies for you in YouTrack 6.5:

  • ${reply-to} variable
  • All user’s emails will be now associated with one user profile
  • Square brackets contents in an email title can be discarded
  • “Disable Mailbox rule” option

TeamCity Integration

In YouTrack 6.5 you can finally work with TeamCity feature branches.

Bug-fix Versions for YouTrack Stand-alone

Starting from v6.5, all bug-fix versions like 6.5.x are included in the license. If you have an active upgrade subscription that allows you to upgrade to YouTrack 6.5, you’ll get all 6.5.x updates automatically, even if your subscription expires by the time a bug-fix version is released.

Mention @username Notifications

Mention @username notification is now a first-class citizen. It can be configured from your user profile and is no longer a part of any specific workflow.

Are you ready for the brand new YouTrack now? Get YouTrack 6.5 now and enjoy it!

If you’re using our cloud-based version, your site will be upgraded to the latest version automatically, according to our Maintenance Calendar. We’re planning to upgrade our servers in stages, over a period of 6-8 weeks. If you would like to upgrade faster, please contact our support team.

Keep tracking with pleasure!

JetBrains YouTrack Team



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