Fresh YouTrack 6.5 (build 16853) Is Out

Please welcome a fresh update for the YouTrack 6.5 (build 16853).

Burndown chart


This minor update includes a number of important bug fixes and improvements,  including:

  • JT-31129 — No way to replace one bundle with another
  • JT-28020 — Remaining effort does not update when deleting an issue
  • JT-32098 — Incorrect burndown in case of manipulating of resolved states
  • JT-31646 — Jira integration: Import issues with changes in the reporter field
  • JT-32141 — VCS Integration: select SSL Key doesn’t work
  • JT-32328 — Jira import do not import issue comments

Please check the full list of the Release Notes for more details.

Download YouTrack 6.5 (build 16853) and enjoy the latest updates.

If you’re using YouTrack InCloud, we’ll upgrade your instance to the latest version on Monday November 2, according to our Maintenance Calendar.

Keep tracking with pleasure!

About Valerie Andrianova

Valerie Andrianova is YouTrack, Hub and Upsource Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains. Her professional interests include issue & bug tracking, project and task management, agile methodologies and team collaboration. Apart from work, she cannot imagine her life without live music, quirky books and lattes with those cute little foam hearts.
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15 Responses to Fresh YouTrack 6.5 (build 16853) Is Out

  1. Joel Feiner says:

    At long last, I’m able to connect my YouTrack instance with my Gitlab instance!

    However, commits that reference issue numbers do not seem to cause the commit to show up in the VCS Changes tab. Does the reference have to be in the body of the commit instead of the subject line? Is there something else I’m missing. The documentation is very unclear on this part (only a single line about it:

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hello Joel,
      You need to mention issue ID along with the command you want to apply in the commit comment. Please see the GitHub integration doc for more details:

      • Joel Feiner says:

        If I just want to note that the commit addresses some part of the issue but doesn’t fix it or close it or reopen it, what do I do?

        Also, the link you provided is to this comment section, not the documentation.

    • alexander.volfman says:

      Hello Joel,
      Please also make sure that your YouTrack host is accessible for connections from GitLab server.

      • Joel Feiner says:

        It should be, as I’ve been able to have GitLab put in reference links when I reference an issue via git commits with the # syntax (e.g., #PROJ-123).

        Is there something else I need to set up on the GitLab side to make this work? The documentation made it seem like I only need to set up it on the YouTrack side, aside from getting the private key, which I did.

        • alexander.volfman says:

          I have to admit the last comment confused me quite a bit. Do I get it right that when you mention #PROJ-123 in a commit message, the commit gets mentioned on the issue’s Vcs Changes changes tab?

          • Joel Feiner says:

            In YouTrack, I do *NOT* see the commit referenced in the VCS changes tab if the commit contains #PROJ-123 in the subject (I haven’t tested with putting it in the body).

            In GitLab, it converts #PROJ-123 in a commit message to be a link to the issue URL in YouTrack. I only mentioned that to indicate that I’m able to give GitLab knowledge of the YouTrack server, albeit in a limited fashion. It’s not, in the end, relevant to the VCS changes tab in YouTrack.

    • Jerome says:

      Hey Joel,

      Were you ever able to get this resolved?

      I’m having the same issue, too. When I mention the YouTrack issue in my commit, I see the number in the VCS Changes tab increment, but when I switch to the tab there is never anything in the body.

      I try to test the webhook from inside the GitLab project settings, and it states “Hook execution failed:” with a blank message, however the VCS Changes tab number will increment if there are commits that get pushed along with the test (but the body of the tab always stays blank).

      Thanks in advance!

  2. Mark Freedman says:

    The link to the releases notes is wrong. It only references 2 issues. Can you please correct this so I can see exactly what this fix does? Thanks.

  3. Minuk Choi says:

    This is great! Upgrading from 6.5.16655, I can connect YouTrack projects to GitLab projects owned by Group! Well, mostly… I am seeing that I am missing some GitLab projects from the repo dropdown in the VCS integration.

    This is very close for my needs; are you guys aware of this issue?

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Shrike says:

    I wonder do you have any roadmap for YT? I mean next big release(s).
    It’d nice to have some insight into what to expect next.

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