10 Most Wanted Features in YouTrack

Feedback analysis is extremely important and valuable for every product development team, and what better time to do that than the start of a new year? Today I want share with you the 10 most wanted YouTrack features and reveal our product plans for these features for 2016.

The list is based on your votes for feature requests in our issue tracker. By the way, filtering the top wanted features in YouTrack is as easy as running the search query #YouTrack #Feature #Unresolved sort by: votes

  1. JT-13480 — Gantt chart support/109
  2. JT-5129 — Project Overview/93
  3. JT-16657 — Real time update of agile board and backlog/90
  4. JT-17476— Search for issues based on time tracking/84
  5. JT-13376 — Jenkins integration /78
  6. JT-7724 — YouTrack is much better than JIRA. When will Jetbrains make a competitor to Confluence?/74
  7. JT-21112 — Support Markdown syntax/69
  8. JT-6234 — Integration YouTrack with Visual studio, especially with VSTS work items/59
  9. JT-24385 — Integration with Slack/54
  10. JT-16990 — Integrate with hipchat.com (group chat for teams)/53

Is it really what you are missing?
The first question I have for you is: is it really what you are missing in YouTrack? Please leave your comments here or in the corresponding features, describing your use case and explaining why you think it’s really important for you, or alternatively speak out in favor of other features that’s you’re missing more.

What is planned for 2016 from this list

At JetBrains we do listen to our customers, and do our best to combine our product vision with external feedback. YouTrack is not an exception, so here is what’s on our list for 2016 from your top features list.

  • JT-13480 — Gantt chart support (109 votes) is the most wanted feature in YouTrack at the moment. It’s already in progress and will be included in the upcoming version code-named Inception, planned for Spring 2016.
  • JT-16657 — Real time update of agile board and backlog (90 votes) is a part of our new Agile board concept that we will introduce in the upcoming Inception.
  • JT-17476— Search for issues based on time tracking (84 votes) is planned for the upcoming Inception as well. We plan to start working on it in a month or two.
  • JT-21112 — Support Markdown syntax (69 votes) isvery good one and definitely on our list for the version following Inception. We expect to make it available by the end of 2016.
  • JT-24385 — Integration with Slack (54 votes) – Definitely yes, because we use and love Slack! There are several things we want to do here. Some kind of integration, like Integration with Slackbot and sending notifications to Slack channels over Zapier is already available (we’ll cover this integration in more detail in a separate post). However, there are still some activities planned to enhance the integration. Most likely, they will be included in the version following Inception.

What’s not on our roadmap for 2016

The following features are not yet planned for this year for various reasons. For some we don’t feel they’re 100% necessary, and for others we haven’t got a clear vision of how exactly it should work. Of course, you can always help us or change our mind, by voting more actively, commenting your favorite requests, adding more details about your use cases, and sharing your ideas of how you think this feature will improve the product for you.

  •  JT-5129 — Project Overview/93 – We agree that this feature is important, but we         haven’t finalized our vision on the best way to implement it. It might be the part of the Dashboard, Planning board, or something completely different. So the feature is on our list for sure, but it’s not planned and estimated at the moment.
  • JT-13376 — Jenkins integration /78 – Although this request is pretty popular, we don’t have clear plans for it now. As an alternative, we suggest using our TeamCity, which offers a free  version as well.
  • JT-7724 — YouTrack is much better than JIRA. When will Jetbrains make a competitor to Confluence?/74 – This is our favorite request on the YouTrack team. However, it looks more like a request for a new product than just a YouTrack feature, and we don’t have such plans in JetBrains for now.
  • JT-6234 — Integration YouTrack with Visual studio, especially with VSTS work items/59 – Not very clear for us and not planned for now.
  • JT-16990 — Integrate with hipchat.com (group chat for teams)/53 – A good one as well, but not planned yet. It may be implemented in scope of Integration with Slack but no guarantees right now.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of what’s coming in 2016 and are inspired to share your feedback and vote more actively! Your voice does matter to us, so please check the most wanted features list and speak out right now!

About Valerie Andrianova

Valerie Andrianova is YouTrack, Hub and Upsource Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains. Her professional interests include issue & bug tracking, project and task management, agile methodologies and team collaboration. Apart from work, she cannot imagine her life without live music, quirky books and lattes with those cute little foam hearts.
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50 Responses to 10 Most Wanted Features in YouTrack

  1. Shrike says:

    Well, you asked.
    Here’s what I’m missing in JT:

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Shrike, thanks, that’s a good one. I think it relates to the Project Overview page request, added the link.

      • Shrike says:

        As I can see in the issue’s related links there’re a lot of requests for evolving JS to outside just being bugs tracker. People want to track structured info about projects, subsystems, releases and so on. So do I. This would be a great feature for JT (read “to compete with Jira”).

        I can tell you that my company decided to go with Jira and stopped spending money for YT. For my pity.
        But the arguments are simple: Jira can do everything YT can but has more (reporting and plugins are usually mentioned).
        BTW, I surprised that you didn’t mention requests/plans for plugin support in JT. I understand that YT has workflows but currently it’s hard to integrate JT with other systems. For example with chats like Slack. It seems every server products provides webhooks nowadays but not JT.

        So I think you need to find something unique (besides cool UI).
        Hope it helps.

        • Valerie Andrianova says:

          Hi Shrike,
          Thanks for your thoughts and feedback, we really appreciate it. I’m sad to hear that your company left YouTrack. May I ask you which reports and plugins are you missing in YouTrack? Just to understand what we are really missing in YT.
          Plugins point is very good, unfortunately, we cannot have plugins at the moment due to the technology we use, But we’re moving from it at the moment, so we’re on the right way, I guess. Webhooks are planned as well.

          • Shrike says:

            I’m not sure what report they need (and actually use). But as I understand the final point for choosing jira was an ability of integration of time spending with other internal systems (ERP).

  2. Dmitry Kochelaev says:

    Great, 3 out of 3 in the list!
    Yet 2016 has just started, are there any more precise dates for, let’s say, gantt and time based search? This info is interesting for other issues as well :)

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Dmitry,
      Glad that the list looks useful to you. Currently we’re working on the YouTrack Inception, which is planned for the Spring 2016 (April-May). Gantt chart and time based search will be included to this version. The next version after Inception is planned for the end of 2016. That’s the best estimation i can give for now. We’re planning to open Inception EAP within a month, so stay tuned!

  3. Oliver Salzburg says:

    I’d love to see some actual GitLab support. Not just support for gitlab.com

  4. Michael says:

    How about supporting agile planning properly? Currently the YouTrack feature set does not support Scrum, you need to use several cumbersome workarounds and then it still doesn’t work.

    More than a year ago I made some suggestions:

    I’m sorry to say that since then Jetbrains have pretty much done nothing to improve the situation. I can only deduce that they are not interested in the use case of agile planning, but want to keep YouTrack limited to bug tracking.

    • Michael says:


      From September 2014 … YT doesn’t have anything remotely like this report, and I couldn’t even implement it with the REST API since it is not possible to extract a saved search in the correct sequence.

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Michael,
      We are reworking our Agile Board in the upcoming version, Planning board is on the list as well. We’ll either introduce it in the YouTrack Inception this Spring, or in the next version. Thanks for your patience.

      • Michael says:

        Yes, the board could be vastly improved – but in order to get to the board (sprint) you need to be able to do estimation and planning properly. It would be great if you could have a look at how Scrum works and then prioritize your stories so that you reach a point where the whole process is viable. Currently it seems like you are ignoring the show-stoppers and instead focus instead on improving features which already basically work.

        • Valerie Andrianova says:

          I see your points, hope that the new board will solve all the issues you currently have. The main reason behind reworking the board is changing the technologies we currently use. So it’s just a good time to make all the improvements we need. Planning will be covered as well.

  5. I think what has already been expressed here is absolutely true. There is not one right answer to this question and it very much depends on the needs of your organization. All organizations are different, with different processes, workflows, and culture.

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Thank you Ban, completely agree with you. That’s why we’re trying to make YouTrack as flexible as possible, so it fits different needs and workflows.

  6. I’m still voting for Visual Studio support.

  7. Thomas Klaas says:

    Better mobile support (native App or webapp) with push notifications on search queries

    Beside sprint planning, we use Youtrack as kind of a helpdesk and there are support requests, bugs or even feature request coming through this channel.
    It would be nice to forward the incoming issues easily to the developer who handles the request or move it to the backlog or other lists.

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for your feedback, mobile client is definitely on our list. We use YouTrack to track everything as well. Can you provide more details about forwarding the incoming issues to the developer? Do you mean better mailbox integration? Which functionality are you missing?

      • Thomas Klaas says:

        We don’t use workflows to automatically assign issues based on the subsystem like you do it.
        We are getting tickets from users in two ways:
        – a mail address that is beeing fetched by youtrack
        – a simple button in our web frontend that opens a box to enter subject and description and the ticket is added via your api.

        So we have kind of incoming stream of new issues in youtrack and one or two responsible developer that will read them and decide what to do.
        – Change priority if neccessary
        – add some information where the issue belongs to (e.g. Department that created the ticket)

        at the end, decide whether it will be
        – assigned to a developer directly
        – added to a future sprint
        – tagged with “backlog”

        or a combination of it.
        After this the tickte is not listed in the incoming stream anymore.
        The incoming stream is just a simple search query:
        #Unassigned #Unresolved Fix versions: Unscheduled -{Backlog Request}

        I think most of the tickets will be viewed on a computer screen, for our workflow, a mobile app will be used to organize issues.

        I think one great feature would be to define a “path” each new issue has to go and the app will just show the required fields one after one to just tap on them.

        • Valerie Andrianova says:

          Hi Thomas,
          Thanks for the details, this feature looks interesting. Honestly, we haven’t considered anything like this yet. I’ve created a feature request:https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-34010. Please watch it. Unfortunately, we cannot say anything about our plans for it at the moment.

          • Thomas Klaas says:

            thanks Valerie Andrianova for creating the feature request for our workflow.
            Hopefully there are more teams using this kind of sorting new issues so this feature will be implemented in near future.

  8. Carl says:

    I’d like to be able to configure estimates in hours. Currently our estimate fields in You Track are converted to weeks/days/hours (I’ve never seen this behaviour in any system before). I’d like to be able to record and view in hours please and export/report those hours figures in my csv export.

  9. Sakis Kaliakoudas says:

    I am pretty sure that this https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-25147 is super important for many people as well. You can’t have an agile board without implementing everything that agile stands for. This https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/books/agile-estimating-and-planning is the best book I’ve read on agile. You need to have a read at some point and think of what your tool needs to implement to support agile as a whole.

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Sakis,
      Thanks a lot for your comment and recommendations. Yes, we have JT-25147 in our plans, so thanks for useful reading materials. I’ve added your comment to the issue.

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    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Olivier,
      Thanks for sharing, very interesting and useful post. Shared with the team as well.

      • Olivier says:

        Hi Valerie, no problem, I bet you did 😉 I have just seen that there is a tool to migrate from JIRA to YouTrack, we might give it a try. What I am kind of missing in the documentation page are the aspects like the migration of the plugins, workflows and the like.

  11. Branislav says:

    Uraaa for JT-17476 :-)))

  12. Martin Klima says:

    I am wondering if issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-8639 made it to Inception. While there is a workaround for it, having an ability to define different workflows for different issue types would be very welcome.

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Martin,
      Unfortunately it’s not planned for the upcoming version. However, we’re planning huge workflow enhancements for the next version, after Inception. Thank you for your patience!

  13. Helge says:


    I was wondering if you have an ETA with regards to the EAP-program for inception?

  14. Murat YILDIZ says:

    Hi, any update about the actual release date or eap.

  15. Lester Hein says:

    Would love to see some sort of Zapier or Asana integration.

    Copying Epics status over to Asana to managers to review is a pain and right now there is no API to do it.

  16. Phil Collins says:

    Bit disappointed with the reaction to HipChat. The Slack integration idea got 54 votes, which you loved, because you use Slack. You’ve got lots of ideas for that.

    The HipChat option, which got one less vote, isn’t even considered. That’s a bit petty, and feels like it’s forgotten because you don’t use it. Lots of teams do use HipChat and they just got slammed to the floor.

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Phil,
      Thank you for your comment. We’ realize that integration with HipChat and other group messengers are important for a lot of teams. We’ll consider this feature request one more time.

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  18. Tâm Phát says:

    The HipChat option, which got one less vote, isn’t even considered.

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