Introducing YouTrack Mobile

We are happy to announce the release of YouTrack Mobile, a native mobile application for iOS and Android.



Here is a short story behind this app: we presented the YouTrack Mobile project at last year’s JetBrains Hackathon. The idea was pretty popular among our internal users and external customers. After several months of silence, we decided to get back to it as a 20% side project. Today, we are happy to present YouTrack Mobile to all our customers.

What you can do with YouTrack Mobile:

  • Use it on iOS or Android devices.
  • Use it with YouTrack 7+ version.
  • Log in and stay authorized via OAuth 2.0, meaning that you don’t need to retype your login and password if you’re already logged in in your browser. Simply choose Log in via Browser option, or log in with your YouTrack credentials.
  • Enjoy a clean, minimalistic view of the issues list, along with the search box aided by query completion.


  • Create new issues easily. Select the project, provide a summary and description, set any other fields you need, add attachments and tap Create.


  • Open an issue to see all its details, tags, links, comments and attachments. All fields are available at the bottom.


  • What you can do with an issue:
  • Edit issue details by using simple wiki markup
  • Update field values on the fly
  • View tags, issue links, and attachments
  • Add attachments
  • Write comments

What’s not yet available but on the list:

  • Adding tags
  • Linking issues
  • Enable push notifications
  • Increased reliability and performance
  • Known issues

One more great thing behind YouTrack Mobile, this is an open source project. The source code is available under  the JetBrains Repository on GitHub. Thanks to modern cross-platform React Native framework, the app is available on both Android and iOS. The last, but not the least, YouTrack Mobile is really lightweight. It’s only 5 MB for iOS, and 8 MB for Android. You are welcome to contribute to extend its functionality and make it better.

Please note that this is only an initial version of YouTrack Mobile; we are only starting. We do listen and appreciate all feedback, comments and feature requests. Please try it and share your feedback, in the comments below, and submit bugs here.

Download YouTrack Mobile Now

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