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Manage your time with YouTrack and Toggl

Today we are happy to tell you about YouTrack integration with Toggl Button, a time tracker extension for Chrome. It’s free and available in the Chrome web store and Firefox add-on store too.

Toggl extension lets you track time in real time and store the data in your Toggl account. It helps you analyze the time you spend working on issues, thus helping improve your productivity. To start using the extension, install it and add it to your Chrome browser. After your account is set up, start tracking time directly from YouTrack.


The time spent and each time entry are stored on your Timer page, where you can also categorize, tag, and edit your entries.


YouTrack projects are not synced with the projects in Toggl, which means you can assign time entries to any project in Toggl independently from their project assignments in YouTrack. Please note that the Toggl Button doesn’t sync with the time tracking feature in YouTrack.

Toggl is the ultimate simple online timer. Whether you need to track your work, time online and offline activities or just need a simple stopwatch from time to time, add Toggl button to your browser and see the benefits for yourself.

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7 Responses to Manage your time with YouTrack and Toggl

  1. Avatar

    Dziamid says:

    March 15, 2017

    Are there any issue tracker out there that really syncs its internal time tracking system with toggl?

    • Avatar

      Natasha Katson says:

      March 15, 2017

      Looks like it’s the question for Toggl team. In this blog post we’ve described the way Toggl plugin integrates with YouTrack.

    • Avatar

      Joao Serra says:

      June 5, 2018

      did you get an answer?

  2. Avatar

    Andrey Pesoshin says:

    November 11, 2018

    Hi! Is there a way to synchronize work items tracked by Toggle back to YouTrack automatically?

    • Valerie Andrianova

      Valerie Andrianova says:

      November 15, 2018

      Hi Andrey,
      Unfortunately, not at the moment.

      • Avatar

        Andrey Pesoshin says:

        March 12, 2019

        Definitely so.
        I had to create a tool on my own to sync the work items from Toggl back to YT – just like we did before for the timesheet report.

        Hopefully, Jetbrains team will provide the better synchronization functionality with Toggl someday

        • Avatar

          Evgeniy says:

          September 13, 2019

          hi, could you share your tool?

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